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Michyloulou 12 Apr 19 03:49 AM

The Marsh‘s Marvellous Mousecation- Day 4 - Wed 10th Aprt

Today I had planned Kennedy Space Center - and would you know it, yesterday's SpaceX's Arabsat Satellite launch was delayed and re-scheduled for today. The new launch time was given as 6.36pm, so we didn't want to be there too early (arrived about 11.30am).
DH has a passion for anything space-related, so he was quite happy. The only down is that on launch days the tour buses do not run, however, they've stamped our tickets so that (if we have time), we can re-visit another day.

We did the imax Journey into Space film, looked around the rocket gardens and exhibits, and did the Heroes and Legends section.
We also tasted the famous ‘Dippin'Dots ice creams which were lovely and cooling, and of course, visited the gift shop.

There seemed to be some computer error with the tills not operating properly , so the queues were huge.
As the day wore on, the launch time was moved back to 8.02pm, with the window for launching closed at 8.32pm.
It got to the stage where we'd done everything we wanted, and the kids were starting to wane - and it was only 4.15pm.
We decided that we'd drive to Cocoa Beach and watch the launch from there (having spoken to Guest Services who said there would still be a good enough view). All along the route we saw lines of cars parked along the edge of the coast. We decided to get an early dinner in Denny's and then got directions for a public parking area near to the beach entrance.
By the time we got there it was 7pm, so we had a walk along the beach, and the kids enjoyed themselves running around and spotting tiny hermit crabs.

DH has been following a Spacex Vlogger on his phone, and at 7.45pm came the news that unfortunately the launch had been deliagain due to high winds. So a bit deflated, we returned to the car & drove home to the villa.
A kind couple of American ladies who had seen us sitting in the car (just before we left - DH was checking the traffic & routine his phone), came over to check we'd heard the launch update news (I think they thought we were still waiting for it).
Once back home the kids were awake again & eager to jump into the pool (despite it being late & past neighbourhood courtesy curfew times). DH granted them 30 minutes if they promised to play quietly (which they did).
Tomorrow we're off to Universal and our stay at Loews Royal Pacific Resort for free FOL benefits, so DH and I got packing for that.

Loopylooloo 12 Apr 19 07:39 AM

Beach looks lovely but what a shame about the launch! I have to confess I found KSC reallly boring but was with hubby and boys so had to suck it up!
Looking forward to reading about your stay at universal, we loved it there!

mick 12 Apr 19 04:33 PM

Shame the launch was cancelled :omg: but a good day :spin:

Joan :wave:

scottishnellie 13 Apr 19 12:30 PM

Aw what a shame about the launch after getting the kids to stretch the day out a bit.

We loved Kennedy so much more than we thought we would. It’s fascinating.

orlandofan 13 Apr 19 08:25 PM

Shame the launch was cancelled. Saw the space shuttle once and it is something I will never forget

margyloveswdw 15 Apr 19 10:40 AM

Shame the launch was delayed after you hanging around but it still sounded like a great day!

Jake71 26 Apr 19 01:11 PM

Och that's a shame about the delayed launch, but sounds like you had a nice time at the beach.

OB1LukeLucas 6 May 19 01:47 PM

Shame the launch was delayed, great day otherwise.

Cinderella 16 May 19 09:43 PM

Shame about the launch.

Excitedx4 11 Jun 19 05:36 PM

Great day at KSC shame about the launch but a nice day all the same!

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