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ak1985 22 Apr 19 04:54 PM

MDE Question...13 travellers

Not sure if this is a silly question or not but here goes.

We have 13 travellers (3 different families) and wondering whether we should have multiple MDE accounts or just one and give everyone the login details?

Or does it make any difference?

All park tickets are already linked to my account.

Thanks in advance.

Alices Aunt 22 Apr 19 05:32 PM

Iíd go multiple as that way if a family or few people would like to do something different then they can without you needing to organise.

ak1985 22 Apr 19 05:59 PM

Thank you.

Mymemories 22 Apr 19 06:16 PM

Definitely go multiple. Last trip we had 18 people over 5 families with the age range from 3 to 83. Needless to say there were many needs and wants. With everyone having their own MDE account it meant their entire group could split up into different sub groups as needed.

We could share all our plans as we had all Ďfriendedí each other. I made all our ADRs as we wanted to eat dinner together each day and I also made most of the fastpasses but then individual people could modify their own if they didnít like my initial choice.

It all worked remarkably well.

ak1985 22 Apr 19 06:41 PM

Thank you very helpful.

I think this is the route Iíd prefer to take. However, with some being more advanced than others with technology 😁, do you see any issue with another person (that Iíd fully trust) having the login details to my account and if they could just book their own fast-pass etc through that?

Mymemories 22 Apr 19 07:14 PM

Tbh even with technophobes itís easier to have separate multiple accounts. You can still make all their plans i.e ADRs and FP+ but it keeps it simpler for you to keep track of everything and everyone if they all have their own account with different avatars.

ak1985 22 Apr 19 07:50 PM

Thanks again, much appreciated

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