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Bones78 11 Oct 20 12:18 PM

How has it been 10 years already!
Logged back in after a 10 year absense :omg:

Hoping to plan a large family trip for 2022, similar to our first visit in 2008. Lots will have changed since we've last been and Im currently debating the pros and cons between villa versus hotel.

Any advice greatly welcome and happy holiday planning folks.

irnjaw 12 Oct 20 02:48 PM

Welcome back!

Villa v hotel really depends on personal preference, however, I would think with a large party size you'd be better being in the heart of the action, somewhere like International Drive. Get a few suites next to/near each other, that removes the dependency on cars which will become expensive when needing to ferry a big group from one place to the next.

I'm planning my 3rd trip for next year, I've only ever done villa + car so I'm probably not a good source for advice for what you need to know, I just didn't like seeing your post go unanswered :grin:

simon 14 Oct 20 03:20 PM

Hello and welcome back to the Dibb.
Enjoy your planning .

walt4it 17 Oct 20 12:47 AM

Welcome back and happy planning:spin:

Always good to have a new trip in the planning stage:thumbs-up

poppett67 25 Oct 20 12:09 PM

Hi Bones78, Welcome back. Time flies doesn't it. Hopefully your planning will be underway now. Our first trip to Florida was meant to be four plus sons partner...they split up before the trip so only us four went. Two years later it was us four plus daughters boyfriend...guess what! So instead as my other son had come back home to live just 2 months before going he came instead, so a family of five. Fast forward to last year and my sister mentioned she'd like to come with us when we book again. We decided on a 2021 holiday and I started planning for 9 of us. I have found and booked a lovely looking 7 bedroom villa that will be home for us (hopefully). And since booking everything both sons gf's have been included in plans! Daughters bf was asked but he is a farmer and really can't take time off. Fingers crossed in more ways than one that this planning and holiday goes ahead smoothly next year.
Have you looked at the villa's advertised on here? I found the one last time on here and it was a simple straight forward booking process. Again this time our villa was from here and so far so good.

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