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Disney_time 26 Oct 20 07:18 PM

Tell me about Cruising
I'd like to hear of Dibbers' experiences of cruising. DH get sea sickness. We've mostly avoided it due to this, though he will go on ferries and pleasure trips. We did cruise in Black Sea for one week 20 years ago as we won it in a raffle, and yes DH had one day in bed during bad weather, though we sailed away from the weather and he improved instantly. That was a small ship with about 300 passengers.

I've seen a fascinating 3 week cruise to Japan and Alaska in 2023 and am dying to try something different. The ship only takes 750 passengers.

What's best for sea sickness? Is it bigger ships? Is rough weather more or less expected on every cruise, or are there areas and times of year that this could be less of a problem?

Thanks Dibbers

mskitty 26 Oct 20 08:08 PM

My DH was adamant he got sea sick after a rough fishing trip many years ago and so was very anti cruising. Me and the kids went a couple of times with my mum and eventually talked him in to trying it and he was absolutely fine. We cruised on a relatively small ship by today's standards (Marella Dream - RIP as she has been decommissioned 😭 ) on the Med twice and it was like a duck pond most of the time but even when it wasn't he was fine. He took a sickness tablet every night at bedtime and slept like a baby.

I would say if your DH was fine for most of your black sea cruise then he will be fine on a cruise ship. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the ship the most stable it is although there are some exceptions to this.

There are Facebook groups for most ships so if you are on FB it might be worth joining for the ship you are looking at and get some opinions from those who have sailed on her.

Hermione 26 Oct 20 08:59 PM

Sailed the Carribbean a couple of times and it was like a mill pond ditto Croatia Italy itinerary cross d the Atlantic and the first couple of days were a bit ropey but the ships doctor sorted me out - cost me £90 though but worked a treat and I definitely ate that £90 back over the next two weeks

Geordieprincess 26 Oct 20 09:24 PM

I get very sea sick. Iíve heard so many people say you donít get sick on the big ships, you donít even feel them move etc. But I do.
My first cruise was Caribbean in early 2000s on a decent size ship, over 100,000 tonnes.
We had dinner, went to the bar and suddenly I felt so, so sick. Hubby said you canít feel sick, we havenít even left yet, turns out it was about 10 mins after leaving port. I thought what on earth have I done getting on a cruise? Spent the night over the toilet, slept then took sturgeron every 8 hours for the entire week. Felt a bit spaced out but never felt sick again.
Second cruise, Alaska 2005. Ship was a bit smaller, just under the 100,000 tonnes. Started taking Sturgeron the day before the cruise and took it every 8 hours for the week. Inside passage up to Alaska was so smooth, scenery amazing, whales, seals etc - I felt great, loved cruising and thought Iíd cracked it. Then day 7, oh boy! Even my hubby (who doesnít get seasick) was sick, we both spent the day ill, in fact the whole ship was sick - apparently we were going full speed down the Pacific Ocean and it was rough!
We got off that ship saying never ever again.
Itís taken 15 years but we felt ready to try again with the kids on a Disney cruise. Booked out of Miami rather than Port Canaveral as I read even in good weather the sea can be rolling out of PC.
Definitely do some research. You canít do anything about the exact whether youíll have but you can minimise risk by avoiding certain seas, and times of year. Iíd never sail the bay of biscay or go to the Caribbean in hurricane season for example.

gismo1554 27 Oct 20 08:26 AM

I think the biggest thing here is be prepared! Sea sickness meds are really good these days and definitely get some. The patches are meant to be the best although I've also used the bands.

I got Sea sick last Christmas on a cruise (first time I've ever actually been sick from it) and it was bad for two days but then settled down. This was from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean. The seas were rought just in the stretch leaving the US and I had a room in the bow of the ship.

Also the larger the ship the larger the stabalisers. Now 700 is still small in the grand scheme of cruising but it is a larger ship that you sailed last time. You also sailed one of the roughest areas water wise and Alaska does tend to be a bit smoother (although when it crossed to Japan that's where it can take up some rough seas).

You really can't tell if you are going to get rough seas or not. I've sailed the Caribbean multiple times and never got sick before last year. Its really just pot luck on some of these.

Definitely invest in some sea sick meds. I've not tried tablets but have brought patches (for my October cruise that was subsequently cancelled) to go with my sickness bands.

dippiedawnie 27 Oct 20 09:50 AM

We have done 6 identical cruises out of port Canaveral over the last 10 years. Twice we had rough seas but only once did I feel sick and couldnít eat my evening meal. The seas do vary so look into that. Last year we did the Baltic cruise with Disney up to Russia and I was convinced the seas would be rough and Iíd feel that but it was Like a lake all 7 days - it was amazing. As others have said-do research and be prepared. It does suck to be sick on a cruise so I hope you find one that works for you. 🤞

Scaramouche 27 Oct 20 04:18 PM

Iíve been on loads of ferries and never been sea sick. Got on the Disney Dream and have never felt so unwell in my life.

Seasickness didnít cross my mind, so we were prepared. I bought some meds on the ship, but you are supposed to take them 48 hours before and it was only a 3 day cruise. Took me 4 days on land to feel normal again

We were unlucky and hit two tropical storms so Iím hoping that was the reason why, there are SO MANY cruises I want to do, and I will just be prepared next time! OH said he couldnít feel the ship move during the first storm, but the second one he felt. The rest of the time he felt nothing. It was hurricane season. We missed Matthew by a week.

I said never again. I wasnít sick which I think is why I felt so bad, it might have been better had I of been able to be sick. I did also get a cold which threw my balance off so I think it was just a combination of things ruined me.

We canít wait to cruise again. Iíll get bands, patches and ginger biscuits stocked up!

Disney_time 27 Oct 20 11:31 PM

Thanks so much for the replies. They have all, been really helpful. I think I need to do more homework about different seasons and oceans (either that or trade DH in over next 2 years).

A funny from the cruise we went on in 2001. We didn't have to share a table but on a formal night we were at the purser's table and there was a bit of oneupmanship. One lady (who had left her DH at home in a nursing home) informed us in Hyacinth Bucket accent, that her husband had been "the biggest Ford dealer in Northumberland" and also wondered how a young couple like us could have afforded a cruise like that. We kept mum about the raffle 😄 but it did give us a taste for luxury travel!

disney_l81 29 Oct 20 10:59 AM

I just carry my trusty stugeron with me. I am used to crossing the Irish sea in rather rough weather but I am not a good sailor unfortunately. I've been hit and miss on various cruises - weve had it smooth over the bay of biscay, and rough and I wasnt sick, I was terrible sick going up to Norway in the North Sea- it all depends. I had ear seeds one time from the acupuncturist which worked a treat.

stecee 7 Nov 20 02:05 PM

My wife was very reluctant to cruise as she suffers from travel / motion sickness. After 6 cruises, including sailing a rough North Sea and a week sailing the Atlantic trying to avoid a hurricane, she has had no effects of sickness. She carries medication just in case but has not had to use it.
I do think you feel the ship move, when we sailed out of Manhattan it was the worst Iíve felt it, even the crew said how bad it was, but my wife was fine.

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