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corrinda 25 Jun 19 12:21 PM

Just back not impressed at sanford
Just got back this morning ,love sanford airport !but before we went to airport left hotel early and did last min shop at atlanonte mall etc,got few Yankee candle bits which my mam also,got and my mam got new Adidas hat ,when we opened our case had note in saying they been randomly checked but we both had Same Yankee candles stuff missing as well as her new hat not very impressed :mad:

YorkshireT 25 Jun 19 12:21 PM


Wonder 25 Jun 19 12:32 PM

It's always disappointing when things like this happen, and unfortunately I believe it can happen out of any airport.

I would highly advise that you contact Sanford Airport to report it. If the monetary value of goods taken is significant you could claim on your travel insurance also.

However I appreciate it's probably less about the money and more about the violation. Thank you for the reminder regarding security of the cases- I'll be flying into and out of Sanford in less than a fortnight and will remember to be much more careful when packing hand luggage versus hold luggage.

RickT 25 Jun 19 01:26 PM

i suppose, if the candles had been scanned and there was cause for concern, these would of been cut in half or drilled rendering them useless anyway, security and safety comes first. In regards to the hat, could be any reason its not there.

Your first point of call would be with your travel insurance to make a claim. The items removed will more than likely been disposed of now.

carolmc 25 Jun 19 02:17 PM

Sounds to me like someone "helped themselves"...sorry to so cynical

Jan 25 Jun 19 02:48 PM

I am another cynic! Apparently it comes with age!

novocastrian 25 Jun 19 02:51 PM

whilst there is clearly something amiss here, why would someone risk their job/police/possible prison for some candles and a hat ?

JanetteP 25 Jun 19 03:08 PM

Never had anything go missing at Sanford, but did have our suitcases broken at Miami, despite having TSA approved locks on. I always put my candles in my hand luggage though.

corrinda 25 Jun 19 03:18 PM

We had only been shoping a hour before we checked in for flight and literally out our stuff into hold luggage at check in so we defo knew what we had bought and it wasn’t just candles it was other stuff from Yankee just takes the cream of things when you know that they have gone but thankyou for all reply’s and just wanted everyone to be aware .

PPM 25 Jun 19 04:19 PM

If the candle stuff was stolen then why would TSA put a note into your case?

As another poster said, something in the make up of these items may have set off alarms or the explosives dog. The TSA will then remove such items... end of.

The hat may have been in contact with the candles and would therefore get pulled too.

Unfortunately in these days of high security alert these thins can happen.

Above is an alternative view. If someone wanted to just steal the stuff, then why leave a note, and why not just take the whole case?
It seems unusual too that it was the stuff the OP had just bought.

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