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Redrach1903 10 Oct 13 12:00 PM

Scottish Dibbers - Glasgow Airport Hotels?

Do any of you know of any hotels around Glasgow Airport that offer free parking for your holiday duration?

Thanks in advance xx

LoopyLoops 10 Oct 13 12:34 PM

Holiday Inn Express is just a stroll from the terminal.

Although the parking isn't exactly free you get a stay and parking rate which I have always found pretty reasonable if you pay up front.

You also get a breakfast.


JakesArmy 10 Oct 13 12:35 PM

I Agee with Louise. Holiday inn express, very handy as it is close and reasonable price. We got the valet parking for a bargain I thought.

Redrach1903 10 Oct 13 12:41 PM

Thank you, will have a look :) x

Trollied Flyer 10 Oct 13 01:40 PM

Breakfast at the hotel is wicked as we'll, just don't get a corner room if you hate enclosed spaces

bonnies mum 10 Oct 13 10:15 PM

The Holiday Inn (not the Express) is right at the terminal. They offer a parking package but you do have to take your CSR to an offsite car park. I think they use the same one as HIE. The basic package is usually a bit less than HIE but doesn't include breakfast, we usually eat in the terminal (Eat is good).

Redrach1903 11 Oct 13 09:16 AM

Thanks everyone, I actually found a hotel called The Normandy which offers free parking and a 24 hour shuttle service. All for 59. Done and dusted :)

MissVincent 11 Oct 13 10:02 AM

I like the Normandy - its a really ugly looking hotel but they have nice food at xmas parties!

Redrach1903 11 Oct 13 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by MissVincent (Post 9050082)
I like the Normandy - its a really ugly looking hotel but they have nice food at xmas parties!

Haha! I don't really mind as we'll just need somewhere to put our heads down and TRY to sleep :) :)

florida buff 11 Oct 13 11:32 AM

I would choose the Holiday Inn Express for on airport park short walk to the terminal. Not to be confused with the Holiday Inn, we stayed there but had to drive the car to the airport and shuttle back and forth.


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