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Floridatilly 20 Jan 20 07:03 PM

What’s your home?
Purely being nosy. After watching location, location, location I am again reminded how vastly the costs of housing varies throughout the UK.
Are you a home owner or do you rent?
Do you live in a house or a flat?
Just watched a couple who are trying to buy after years of renting a tiny one bed flat. The cost of this tiny one bed flat is more than my 4 bed detached home.
It unbelievable.
I live in the North West so probably one of the cheapest areas to live. However it’s not that far away that we could get the same size house for half the price. But vandalism etc are quite high it those areas.
We have a mortgaged 4 bed home. Not a high mortgage thankfully.

mitch84 20 Jan 20 07:11 PM

We’re in the NW too, and have a very small 2 bed terrace. It doesn’t even have an upstairs toilet. It is just the hubby, myself and the dog though.
We own it

shirley 20 Jan 20 07:14 PM

We have a 1900 semi, high ceilings, 3/4 bed, 2 public and kitchen plus utility. Would sell for 180000 - 200000, cost us 67,500. Xx

PoohBears#1fan 20 Jan 20 07:28 PM

A lot of my friends have bought houses when their kids went to university, they live in them and rent the other rooms to their friends, which covers the mortgage.

We looked at doing this when DD went, unfortunately she went to West London, we were looking at over £500K for a 2 bed flat, I didn't even bother looking at the 3 beds we'd been talking about :pgig:

We live in Northamptonshire in a village, house prices aren't particularly cheap here but FAR less than London prices.

Smilesonfaces 20 Jan 20 07:29 PM

We also live in the NW of England. House prices are low in comparison to other areas but so are wages. The average here is £22k whereas I believe nationally it is more like £30k. In this town half of all children live in poverty. We live in a 3 bed detached on a reasonable estate.
Mortgage is paid and the house is worth 4 times what we paid for it 20 years ago. It had been repossessed from its previous owners and left in a complete mess despite only being 3 years old. I would never rent. I was brought up in a council house and owning my own home was incredibly important to me.

I am always amazed watching Location how young couples with children can be buying such expensive houses.

Emmie2016 20 Jan 20 07:32 PM

I'm in the process of buying but currently rent. I rent a two bed apartment in Cheltenham for 745 a month. My first home is 230k for a three bed but in Gloucester x

Sandra & co 20 Jan 20 07:33 PM

We live in a terraced house in west London, mortgage will be paid soon. Houses around here go for over £450,000! :omg:

Universal VR 20 Jan 20 07:33 PM

I live in a small four bed detached on an estate. Similar are on the market for £400-450k. In this area, a 3 bed semi is around £325-375k and a two bed terraced around £250-300k. We own but still have a mortgage.

Leggibone 20 Jan 20 07:34 PM

We rent (luckily from the the council)
Down here in the South East... our pokey 3 bed is worth nearly £400k - we are an hours train to vic or wat, but out in the Surrey hills.
There’s some new 4 bed houses just built behind the chippy - they started at £600k!

cornishfrogboy 20 Jan 20 07:36 PM

We live in the pretty far South West of England in Penryn (next to Falmouth). We are roughly 100yds from the water.

We were lucky and got on the property ladder 22 years ago. We now live in a 4 bed link detached with a double garage, that we purchased 3 and one half years ago as a new build from Linden Homes. (after previously making the huge mistake of investing in a Persimmon home and unloading it within 3 years as a building quality control disaster!). We have a small, rapidly shrinking mortgage.

Our motive was to ‘batten down’ and buy a manageable home with plastic windows, sofits, guttering etc, lots of space and a decent, manageable garden.The location is at the end of a small estate, secluded in its way and with interesting views (non sea). This house will hopefully see us out.. unless we move nearer to civilisation when the kids leave the nest.

I guess that it’s worth about 335k, having been purchased at 300k, rather irrelevant as we have no intention of moving.

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