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cartoonp 25 Jan 20 09:52 AM

One for older Genration (45+)
Even though questions is for 45+ anyonre can answer :d:

When we where in schol never had a prom and perants where not fined for taken children out of school and no ofstred :erm: am i right in thinking this .:d:

missy E 25 Jan 20 09:56 AM

Yes right you are.

All of the above plus a hearty smack on the backside (I got one of those age 4/5 in what would now be reception class) and the cane for the really naughty(never got one of those!)

I'm 53.

gl20 25 Jan 20 09:59 AM

Well Iím 46 and we had a prom at the end of the 5th year (year 12 in new money) but I think that was a first for our school and was probably influenced by the storyline in Grange Hill when Gonch organised one.

Sometimes used to go on holiday during term time and donít remember parents having to pay a fine. In fact the first time I ever heard of Disney World was when the class rich kid went on a 6 week tour of the US that included Florida and this was mostly during term time. Way back in 1980..

mick 25 Jan 20 10:03 AM


I was 74 last week so I think I'm qualified to answer :grin:

No OFSTED or school prom - not even a leaving disco

Had my share of blackboard rubbers thrown at me, wooden rulers on the back of my knuckles and endless canings on hand and backside.

Did it make me an aggressive adult? I don't think so. Well maybe it helped with my career of over 50 years as a Quantity Surveyor where it maybe assisted in managing a few "confrontational" situations. ;)


DisneyDaffodil 25 Jan 20 10:04 AM

Iím in my 50ís and we never had a prom or leaving party. I remember walking out after my last exam and thinking how anti-climatic it all was. After years of drama, making friends, being bullied and lots of teenage angst I just walked out alone (as my friends didnít have the same exam). I wasnít sure if I was pleased or sad to leave.

Our eldest son is 33 and I think his year was one of the first in our area to have a Ďpromí but even then it was a much smaller scale than they have now

danisleigh 25 Jan 20 10:04 AM

I am only 41 and didnít have a prom and remember getting smacked on the hands with a ruler and having the board rubber thrown at me! Back then if you went home and complained to your parents you were also for it at home too!

WhereIBelong 25 Jan 20 10:11 AM

I am 55

and from Scotland - so although we never had "prom" we did have end of school Ceilidh - any excuse for a dressed up dance party...

Parents were not fined for taking kids out of school because parents respected the schooling system and did not take children out for holidays - or anything other than emergencies. I cannot remember anyone taking a foreign holiday during the school term during my many years at school.

And OFSTED - no there was none. So class sizes were unregulated - one year we had 42 (chaos) and teachers did not need to have an education any better than their students. My dad taught me Maths.:(

Not sure if you were saying it was better or worse... just different I guess.

DiszeeBelle 25 Jan 20 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by danisleigh (Post 14257253)
I am only 41 and didnít have a prom and remember getting smacked on the hands with a ruler and having the board rubber thrown at me! Back then if you went home and complained to your parents you were also for it at home too!

Same here, 41 this year, not actually getting smacked but definitely witnessed it.
We were told "we are not American" when someone asked about prom and instead made our own leavers party-- majority of schools hit the nightclubs on the friday and they got raided so spent time in the local cellar, we went out the Saturday and were fine haha. Wouldnt dream of letting my kids out at that age but we went out at 7 and were in by 11 all nice and sober.

We used to go away the 2nd or 3rd week in September as this was when my dad could get time off and could afford to go, school never had a problem as we were never off any other time and hardly ill.

We left school in yr11 and did half day on our last day. Then went off on study leave before returning for exams.

Omega1 25 Jan 20 10:25 AM

No Ofsted - but there were Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools (as there are now). Schools were inspected, but not routinely, and reports were only shared with the school and local authority.

Guest 25 Jan 20 10:30 AM

Iím 34 and we didnít have proms, no fines (although my parents were teachers so couldnít go in term time anyway), but there was ofsted.

From the other thread on prom dresses Iím shocked at how many parents pay hundreds for a dress, some costing more than my wedding dress. 😳 If this is still a thing when my daughter goes she can have a budget of £50. However I get itís the parents choice to spend that much, just not for me.

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