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Stu 7 Aug 19 04:34 PM

Secret Walt Disney Company Project to be Announced
Disney has recently updated their 2019 schedule for D23 and on Saturday 24 August a time slot has been set aside to discuss a "Secret Walt Disney Company Project."

The schedule calendar states that a "Secret Walt Disney Company Project." will be announced on 22nd August.

CookieMonster54 7 Aug 19 04:59 PM

Very interesting considering Universals recent announcement

floridasgirl 7 Aug 19 05:00 PM

Just read this on Facebook. Any ideas what it might be?

FamilyGWales 7 Aug 19 05:03 PM

Is there appetite for a site on another continent? Or is that too big in scale... I.e. we are considering options...

do you think there is a room which says Disney's secret project on the door? Would love to work there...

YLL 7 Aug 19 05:31 PM

5th gate, please Disney!

SMAX 7 Aug 19 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by YLL (Post 14001544)
5th gate, please Disney!

In the UK would be perfect ;)

Mr Tom Morrow 7 Aug 19 05:38 PM

I wonder if it's an in depth presentation for the Star Wars Hotel.:erm:

blusteryday 7 Aug 19 05:55 PM

Disney's Epic Disneyland Epic Disney Epic?

Or more shops.

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