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hermione25 22 Aug 19 05:15 PM

Isabel and Camp America
Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you so much for all the public and private messages of support from the Dibb family.

Sorry I havenít replied to some of you personally.

Unfortunately Isabel became very sick last week and I was unable to manage her pain relief any longer alone so she was admitted to the Teenage and Young Adult unit, funded by the Teenage Cancer Trust, within Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

They have been amazing here, and also at Claire House Childrenís Hospice which is within the grounds, (who send a reflexologist over yesterday to give Izzy a wonderful foot massage!) Due to the nature of the unit, it is very family friendly and I am able to stay each night with her (which is her worst time, pain wise).

Whilst Isabel has been in, she has been able to have further radiotherapy on her pelvis, ribs and jaw and although this means lots of inflammation and pain initially, itís hoped it will reduce it in the longer term and help us to manage it better ourselves at home. She is only a week away from her second session of immunotherapy now too.

The rest of the friends she made at Camp America finally returned home on Saturday - a particularly sad day for Izzy as she was in hospital instead of finishing her adventure with them. However, as a team they have got together and planned to do the 3 peaks challenge- in January :confused2 on Isabelís behalf, sharing the proceeds between Claire House and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Isabel is so lucky to have made so many good friends in her life, but this is extra touching, not only because itís a difficult challenge - and in January, but the nature of the group means girls are travelling from 3 continents: America, Poland, Scotland and even Australia to participate.

Should anyone wish to support this cause, feel free to visit or share the link. (The photo on the title page was taken just last month on her last day at camp :()

Many thanks,

Amanda, Paul & Izzy xx

3disneykids 22 Aug 19 05:19 PM

Sending you all lots of love xx

Floridatilly 22 Aug 19 05:20 PM

No words can truly express my feelings. Isabel has been on my mind and I just want to send my love and support.

taylaboo 22 Aug 19 05:23 PM

Sending big hugs to you all.

lindylou46 22 Aug 19 05:24 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time to update us on your lovely daughter, sending you and her all my positive thoughts and prayers.

BevS97 22 Aug 19 05:24 PM

As a camp mum myself I just canít imagine the change you have experienced this summer. From the excitement of sending her off to camp to the lows of her diagnosis.

Sending all our best wishes to you and Izzy.

Colette-S 22 Aug 19 05:25 PM

Sending you all lots of love. Sounds like you are surrounded by good people and lovely friends x

sharonb 22 Aug 19 05:27 PM

Sending all of you my love, my daughter was only asking this morning if I had heard how Isabel was doing, I do think about her often, so thank you for keeping us all updated when you can.

Thinking of you all and will make a donation.


Button17 22 Aug 19 05:39 PM

It's a credit to her that she has such amazing friends. Hugs xx

Hidden mickey 22 Aug 19 05:40 PM

Every time I read your posts I am overwhelmed by your strength! Sending positive vibes and hoping for the best for you all.

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