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Ohanaa 5 May 22 08:51 PM

(2022) Hopefully we donít gain too many lbs! 22 day food report for Disney & Universal
I thought I would join in and do a dining report. Iv really enjoyed reading loads of them on here and found them so helpful.

This will be my first food report *ever* so I donít know how good it will be! Apologies in advance😂

However.. we are going (LFT permitting) to the US flying from Gatwick to MCO on the 18th May til the 9th June. We have a nights stay in London the night before in a premier inn I think (only part of the holiday I didnít book) so for us the holiday officially starts on the 17th when the kids come home from school.

We have 14 days staying on site in Disney (All stars music) and we then switch hotels to Aventura on the 1st June until the 9th.

We have days booked in to visit Discovery Cove, Sea world & Aquatica as well.

On this holiday will be Ö

- Myself (Chantelle)
- My partner (Ash)
- Our two kids who are Faye (10) and Alfie (8).

Our youngest has Autism and heís non verbal but he loves to eat ALOT. He still manages to be incredibly fussy so me and him may end up sharing a few meals as you never know when heís going to reject a whole meal he has previously eaten many times! Food waste can be fairly high at home and with Disney prices I donít want to take the risk 😂 He will also turn 9 when we are in Universal ☺️

As this is our first time to Disney & first time in the US we are pretty much winging it food wise as there are lots of snacks and things Faye & myself want to try. This Includes some things from Walmart as Faye is desperate to go and try some American food.

We do however have Space 220 lounge, Sci-fi, T-Rex & a breakfast at Ohana booked for our stay.

The rest will be a mixture of quick service, off site and LOTS of snacks!

I am a self confessed snacker with a massive sweet tooth. I prefer to snack throughout the day then eat meals and would pick a pudding over a main meal every time if I could. I have seen lots of snacks I want to try in Disney/Universal.

We have no solid plans of where or what we will eat each day except the meals planned above so it will all be a surprise.

I will try to add how much things cost too for anyone thatís interested 🙃

sophiepop 5 May 22 08:53 PM

I am loving these food reports, thank you for taking the time :wave:

Ohanaa 5 May 22 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by sophiepop (Post 15434888)
I am loving these food reports, thank you for taking the time :wave:

No problem. Iv enjoyed reading them so much since I joined this site last year so I think itís only fair I do one too!

I will be *trying* to update it as I go along when I get a quiet moment 😁

ClaireNJ 5 May 22 09:08 PM

Looking forward to following along
I did my first live trip report a few weeks ago & I loved it 🙊🇺🇸❤️

fletchie148 5 May 22 09:26 PM

Looking forward to following along, canít wait

4holibobs 8 May 22 11:16 AM

Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned! Canít wait to follow along!

Goldia 8 May 22 11:22 AM

I hope you all have a fantastic time, your first trip to USA and you're off to the most magical place on earth :spin: My kids were 9 and 7 on our first trip to WDW and it was a great trip, we only did 1 TS dinner and the rest was QS and snacks. It worked really well as it was so hot they didn't really ever fancy big meals and they were able to pick at stuff.

As far as the food report goes, if you remember to take photos of all your meals and if the ones you do take aren't blurry then you will do better than my first food report ;) LOL it is fun writing it all up and sharing it with everyone.

Enjoy your holiday, not long now! :thumbs-up

Sparksy72 8 May 22 06:44 PM

Have an amazing trip and I canít wait to follow along!

hipthehippo 9 May 22 11:11 AM

Looking forward to following!

Ohanaa 17 May 22 05:28 AM

Thanks everyone.

Iv been awake since 4.30am now just waiting to do the LFT consultation which is booked for 8.20am!
I tested myself, partner and my daughter yesterday and all neg but didnít test my son as he is going to have a epic headfit when we do it today and didnít want to traumatise him twice.

Fingers crossed heís not too bad today. 🤞🏻 I will have to drive him to school after our tests are done as the app we have is 10 minutes after his school bus would of collected him.

All going well we will be going up to London to our hotel about 5pm this evening.

~ if anyone could tell me how you do multiple quotes in one post I would appreciate it. I canít figure it out but Iv seen others do it ☺️

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