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LizzyBear 25 May 19 01:25 AM

A few days ago I rang Disney to try and add our extra night on (initally booked 16th-26th and hadn't got round to changing it) and discovered that there was no availability in a 5th sleeper room at cbr for that night! I then had a (totally first world) dilemma on my hands:

1. Hold out for more 5th sleeper rooms being released for the extra night.
2. Book another Disney or other offsite hotel for the 1 night.
3. Book a Universal hotel for the express pass perks.

I was leaning towards 3 and found a good rate for a club room at HRH on Using Tesco vouchers brought the cost down to 290. The club perks include breakfast, drinks, light snacks through the day and substantial snacks in the evening which i'm certain we'll make good use of, especially with their being 5 of us :thumbs-up

Ritz 8 Jun 19 01:19 PM

We are in similar position to you. Me and DW have been a few times, although the last time is 15 year's ago when we got married. Now booked CSR at the end of May with our 12 and 8 year olds.
Have you thought about POL 5th sleeper? we were originally going to book there but decided on CSR as it was 500 cheaper.

jothp 16 Jun 19 01:40 PM

I'm looking forward to reading your plans. We are also going back in 2020 but not until August. I'm so tempted to start a pre-trip report but I don't have a lot to put in it yet!

LizzyBear 13 Aug 19 12:48 AM

Been a while since my last update. I hadn't booked anything new since then but today I'm happy to report that I've booked our flights! :d: Virgin via Netflights for 2184 for all 5 of us including hold baggage. Really pleased with that price as I'd budgeted 2500, just need to not check prices again now :o:
I also booked tickets for Universal, Busch and SeaWorld with Orlandoattractionstickets which included a free eat and play card. Looks like it has a few useful discounts for us but personally I'm not sure it's worth paying for.
The only thing I have left to book is car hire which is coming up around 500 for a minivan for 11 nights. Holding out in the hope of getting that price down a little!

I've also made a tentative ADR list:
1900 park fare breakfast
Cinderella's royal table dinner (after BBB)
Hoop de doo
Homecoming dinner
Ohana dinner
Garden Grill dinner
Boma dinner
T rex dinner
I thought doing a couple of 2 credit meals was the way to go so the dining plan doesn't become overwhelming for the kids. The only one I'm unsure about is T rex as it has mixed reviews but I thought the theming would be fun. I'm interested to see what the new Toy Story restaurant will be like as that could be another idea.

My oldest Nancy has also decided she really wants to save up for an American Girl doll so I guess we'll be making a trip to the store next year... Been watching videos on YouTube and it looks like a fun experience for kids but I draw the line at paying for spa treatments for a doll! :erm::pgig:

Ritz 14 Aug 19 12:31 PM

We booked our car direct through Virgin as they seemed to be the cheapest. Luxury car 7 nights 300.

cornishfrogboy 14 Aug 19 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Ritz (Post 14014524)
We booked our car direct through Virgin as they seemed to be the cheapest. Luxury car 7 nights 300.

Does that price come with CDW (I.e adequate comprehensive insurance)? If so, it is a very good price. If not, then the cost of an insurance upgrade with Virgin can be prohibitive.

Ritz 14 Aug 19 01:39 PM

Yeah that price is with full insurance and extra drivers and sat nav. It's through Virgin atlantic website.

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