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Loopylooloo 27 Mar 17 03:51 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Two - Walmart, Animal Kingdom & Rivers of Light
We started this morning with breakfast on the balcony, the apartment is really lovely, we can hear so many birds in the trees outside, we just had some cereal, and toast, and enjoyed the moment.

Then we headed off to Walmart Supercenter on Sand Lake road. Its a bit overwhelming how large these places are, but we soon got round, and stocked up on a few essentials - :D

We had a bit of a swim, and sunbathe, my lily white legs were out there giving all the locals a shock! At least I had remembered to shave them...;)

After lunch at the house we headed off to Animal Kingdom, arriving just in time for the Lion King show. Getting into Animal Kingdom took a lot less time than Magic Kingdom, it was such a relief!
The show was lovely.

The kids rode Everest, using single rider, I declined, I didnt fancy seeing my lunch again so soon.

Then we went on Dinosaur, which nearly gave my neck whip lash, not ideal when I have had physio just a few days ago - oops! The queue time was an hour, thankfully we had a fastpass - we commented that when you arrive at a ride and have fastpass you walk in feeling like the Kardashians, no queuing for me!
This park is so nice, everywhere you turn there is music, dancing, and beautiful birds and plants. We love it.

It was soon time for our dinner at Rainforest Cafe, we had a Landry card, but they made a mistake at check in and we waited over half an hour. The ambience in there is great, Bethany was loving all the animal effects, and the storm etc. The food - so so, mine was awful, dry, (yes again) solid rice, so I just ate Harrys coleslaw and a few chips. But, I did have two glasses of Pinot Grigio so all was not lost! $180 later and we were on our way to the Rivers of Light.

The theatre was nearly full, even thirty mins before it started, so even with fastpass we had to squeeze in the last few seats. When the show started, I was blown away, it was breath taking, so clever, a blend of lights, music, colour and animals. Beautiful! It made me cry, the best Mothers day present. I think Walt Disney would be so proud if he could see it...

All in all, a really lovely day, and I managed 15,600 steps! Tomorrow we are shopping till we droppin at the Mall...

Melbatb 27 Mar 17 05:56 AM

Another lovely day! Shame about your meal - remind me never to order what you are having ;)

Enjoy the retail therapy!

Megandllsmum 27 Mar 17 07:40 AM

River of lights looks beautiful... agree a great Mother's Day treat, shame about the meal ... you arnt having much luck maybe you should just tsum a sandwich with you lol:pgig:
Brilliant step count ... mine was rubbish yesterday stuck at work ... on Mother's Day the swines :cry:
Have a brilliant shopping day today and look forward to reading about what you bought xx

Beanie1 27 Mar 17 11:15 AM

Looks beautiful Louise, shame about the food. Hope it improves!

Loopylooloo 27 Mar 17 11:41 AM

I just seem to be having really bad luck at dinner!
Well at least I wont put on too much weight this way!

Disney Bear 27 Mar 17 11:59 AM

Sounds like a lovely day - real pity about your dinner - I'm sure you wont got hungry in florida! :) Your accommodation looks lovely - especially that view!

mrsdjh 27 Mar 17 02:14 PM

Your pool looks lovely. I also love Animal Kingdom - we have a FP for Rivers of Light so will definitely get there early I think.

Hope your luck with dinners improves!

Loopylooloo 27 Mar 17 02:26 PM

I have managed to insert a video clip of the show!

floridasarah 27 Mar 17 05:03 PM

What a lovely day, Rivers of Light looks fab.

Shame about your dry dinner but at least you had lots of liquid in the wine glass;)

Am really enjoying your report and photos.

WileyCoyote 27 Mar 17 05:25 PM

RoL looks stunning.
What a shame your meals have been disappointing, hope it picks up for you
Looks like a great day

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