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Loopylooloo 28 Mar 17 02:38 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Three - Shopping till we droppin at the Mall and Maggianos
Up early again - 6:30am. We had another lovely breakfast on the balcony, Toasted Bagels with Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Cereal (Cinammon Toast Crunch mmm) and fresh fruit. Once we had chivvied George up a million times to get ready, we finally headed off to the Outlet Mall at International Drive.
The kids especially wanted to have Five Guys for lunch and they have one there in the Food court so all good. The Mall was pretty empty when we arrived at ten, me and Bethany headed straight for Victorias secret, not that I would wear the underwear, as it is not Bridget Jones enough for me, but I do like the body sprays!

They were four for $26 not bad! We didnt feel like anything was a massive bargain this time, so were a little restrained but did get Calvin Klein underwear for the boys, Timberland boots for Terry, a few bits in Bath and Body works and Bethany bought stuff in Forever 21. Shes like a model and can literally wear anything.

Harry was bit disappointed as he had all his christmas money with him, and had wanted to buy clothes and trainers but just didnt find anything, he soon cheered uo though when we mentioned Burgers. :D. We met in the food court, ready for our much anticipated Five Guys only to find it was CLOSED for refurbishment! NOoooooooo! :cry::cry:

We seem to be having very bad luck when it comes to food. Kids were gutted. We remembered that we had seen one near Walmart on Sand Lake road yesterday so quickly hopped in Dora the Explorer and headed off down International Drive. Hallelujah there was indeed a Five Guys at Walmart and it was OPEN - YAY! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

George has been telling about this place for ages, it is apparently the mecca of burgers. Well lets see... I need some decent food I am wasting away! In we go, and I ordered cheeseburger with mushrooms, onions, fries, and a strawberry milkshake. For five of us was $55, eeeek. Not Maccy D's prices here!
Was it worth it? YES. YES! YES! Finally some proper calories! I did promise everyone I would get fat in Florida.

It was amazing.

Our tummies nice and full we headed back to the Marriott, and had a swim, I got my lovely white legs out again. In case you think I might be exaggerating here they are (put your sunglasses on NOW)

The kids floated around on their new tyre floaty things. Guess who carried those uo to the 5th floor afterwards? Me and Terry have new names - 'Shrek' and 'Donkey' :erm:

Bethany later announced that 'Being a mermaid in the pool really made her legs hurt' :d:

And so, on to tonights dinner. We had a reservation at Maggianos Italian, at Pointe Orlando on i-drive. Trip advisor gave it glowing reviews and I was in need of a good dinner so we had high hopes.

We arrived, went inside and (drum roll please)... Got our table immediately! Yay! A BOOTH too - I do love a booth 😍 We ordered some wine, some water, and a variety of dishes, from Linguine del Mare for Harry, I had D-Rigatoni (chicken, mushrooms, rigatoni and marsala cream sauce) Filet Mignon (for Bethany now that she is a meat eater) Beef medallions for Terry, and Spaghetti and meat sauce for George. While we waited we had some lovely warm sourdough bread and dipping oil. It was delicious. Then the main courses came and WOW. This is what we have been waiting for! The food was sublime. Tasty, seasoned well, and major carb overload with fresh parmesan on top, mmmmm. I was in heaven.

Happy faces all round. Desserts were fabulous too, mini cheesecake, tiramisu, brownie, apple crostada and an enormous Matilda style chocolate cake that got the better of George.

With our tummies nicely full, we headed home, for a decaff tea and an early night. Step count today - 11,814. Calories - way too many but so worth it.

Tomorrow we have a free morning and then Hollywood Studios in the afternoon and evening.

Melbatb 28 Mar 17 04:22 AM

Yay - edible food ;)

Sounds like a nice relaxing day!

firsttimemouse 28 Mar 17 06:13 AM

Looks like another lovely day.

My dd likes the 'pink' brand in Victoria secret, do they stock it in that store?

Megandllsmum 28 Mar 17 07:17 AM

Lovely day Louise and glad to read your luck changed with the food... bet you thought here we go again with five guys lol so glad you found another one... I didn't rate it but my eldest daughter loves it and there's one in our local shopping centre now so she's happy. Maggianos looks lovely and it was one of our favourite places to eat last year... that free bread they bring out is amazing enough before you get the real food lol... all looks lovely.
Prices have gone up since last year in Victoria secret with looks of it we got 5 for $20 last April. And I love the BABW mini gels too.
Great step count again ... have a lovely day today xx

Beanie1 28 Mar 17 09:50 AM

At last, decent food! Hope you had plenty of wine with it too. Glad you're having a lovely time. X

mick 28 Mar 17 10:53 AM

Glad to see you got some great food:pgig:

Joan :wave:

llynnnn 28 Mar 17 11:37 AM

Sounds like a lovely day, I've added Maggianos to my list for our trip next week :) food looks lovely.

WileyCoyote 28 Mar 17 12:45 PM

so pleased you finally got some great food.
we found a few things closed at the outlets - hubby was gutted to see Nike and Adidas shut.
Lovely day

lis34 28 Mar 17 12:52 PM

Love your new names Shrek and Donkey lol. Can't wait for next instalment.

MarionG 28 Mar 17 01:00 PM

Those Five Guys burgers are yummy aren't they. Got a Five Guys in Leeds where our son lives but they are even more expensive than Orlando.:omg:

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