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Loopylooloo 4 Apr 17 04:04 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Ten - IHOP, Blizzard Beach, Blaze/Disney Springs and 'Ohana
We woke up to stormy looking skies today, bit grey and overcast. Not looking great for our planned day at Blizzard Beach. Being British we headed off anyway, stopping for breakfast at IHOP on Vinelands again, as George and Bethany needed Chicken & Waffles! Harry had an inspired idea for a new business venture - 'Chicks & Waffles' basically in his words "Hot chicks serving chicken and waffles" ! 😂😂😂 When you think Harry, think Joey from friends, same thing. But I think he could be onto a winner there!

We had a lovely server today, she called the kids 'baby' and asked Bethany 'what you having baby girl?' Which Bethany loved. She was very warm, and we wanted to take her home! She even made George smile in the morning, which is no mean feat.

I ordered a combo special, which was sausage, eggs over easy and hash brown potatoes, and a cinammon french toast on the side.

The savoury food was nice, but the cinammon toast was no patch on yesterdays so I left most of it, and just drank my 'tea' (its awful compared to UK tea)
George and Bethanys chicken and waffles -

We got to Blizzard beach to find it was pretty empty in the car park, bonus! And, the sun came out! Yay!

We found a nice spot on Meltaway Bay, next to the Funnel cake stand. I ate so much Funnel cake last time we were here, but this time I havent had any yet, am just not feeling it this time! Probably something to do with the massive IHOP breakfast I had... We lazed on our sunbeds and swam for a bit in the wave pool.

We did some slides, not Summit Plummit though noooooo waaaaayyyy! I did enjoy the chair lift up to Mount Gushmore though!

Its such a nice park, we love chilling out to the Christmas Reggae music, its so surreal listening to 'Here comes Santa Claus' reggae styley in the blazing hot sun but we love it! Here is a little video clip so you can love it too -

At 3pm we felt we were ready to head home.
Bethany asked if we could stop at Disney Springs so she could pop into Sephora, now I dont have a daughter, but I did know that this meant we could potentially lose two days of our holiday! I have seen peoples trip reports! :d:
We parked in Lime garage, level 2, a tip from fellow Dibber Closeder, (thank you) not only were we right next to the escalator down to the shops, but Sephora just happened to be right there on the left!

I went inside with Bethany, while the men went off and did man things (eat pizza)
Bethany was in heaven, and I also succumbed to a couple of purchases, face masks, and a mini Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose, which I love. We also got some freebie testers at the check out, happy days! We actually didnt take too long at all, so went to catch up with the men, at Blaze Pizza.

I had heard good things about this place, it has rave reviews on Trip advisor, but can Pizza really be that good? YES! Oh goodness, this was amazing, very fresh ingredients, not too heavy, and not expensive either YUM! Loved it - so much so, we are going back on Friday after Cirque Du Soleil.

We headed back to the resort, and got showered and had a cup of tea etc. Dinner tonight was at 'Ohana, at the Polynesia Resort, last time we came to Florida I just couldnt get a reservation here, so I was really looking forward to experiencing this place. Its a lovely resort. We arrived early and just soaked up the ambience.

We were seated by the window, overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon, (saying that makes me think of Elf the movie for some reason) and Magic Kingdom, you need to ask for this at check in, as not all tables are in such a nice location. We settled in, and ordered some tropical looking drinks (and wine) :D

Then the food started to arrive, its family style here, ('Ohana means Family) we had salad with crispy wontons, pork dumplings with peanut dipping sauce, chicken wings, noodles, vegetables and then skeweres with tender steak, prawns and chicken.
I have to admit, I am a bit of a food snob, and I was kind of expecting the food at Disney to be a bit over priced and over rated, but so far it has been amazing, and dare I say it, better than food off site. Anyone getting a free Disney dining plan is lucky!

There was a man playing the Ukulele, and singing, which was great. Here is another little video clip for you -

Soon it was time for dessert, quite frankly we were stuffed, but I gave the Banana Bread Pudding a good go, it was divine.

Just as we finished, the Wishes fireworks began, the music was piped in, and we had a beautiful view, it was better than watching in the park! George googled, and it costs approx $50,000 dollars every night to put them on, incredible.

We are now home, and tired after a long but very lovely day. 💜 Goodnight! :wavey:

Step count -10,000
Tomorrow - Animal Kingdom again.

Melbatb 4 Apr 17 05:38 AM

Your food choices have certainly improved after the first two nights ;)

You had a relaxing day by the sounds of it!

Stitchfan626 4 Apr 17 06:42 AM

Looks like a great day. I can't wait to eat in ohana next month.

WileyCoyote 4 Apr 17 07:45 AM

Great day. Lots of fab food , nom nom.
Always nice to laze about at the Waterpark and a spot of shopping after .. Perfect.
Can't believe day 10 already. It's going too fast !

Jake71 4 Apr 17 09:13 AM

Glad the sun came out for your Blizzard Beach morning. Your pizza looks delicious, it's not something we usually bother with on holiday, but I could be tempted. O'hanna is somewhere that goes on and off my to do list depending on the trip report I happen to be reading at the time. DH doesn't like sharing food, prefers his to come on a plate for just him (think Smithy from Gavin and Stacey and the ordering an Indian scene) so I'm not convinced it would be for him.

Some nice purchases from Sephora.

Jacko5 4 Apr 17 11:00 AM

Loving following you on your trip. Looks like you are having an amazing time. :)

Twinklestar1 4 Apr 17 11:45 AM

OhAna looks fab - and then the fireworks came out!

Loopylooloo 4 Apr 17 01:18 PM

Thanks everyone - this holiday is going way too fast!

Loopylooloo 4 Apr 17 01:52 PM

Here is a photo of the private sun lounger area, we didnt fancy it to be honest, the free ones looked much nicer and were very comfy and available.

collybird 4 Apr 17 02:54 PM

You all look lovely dressed up for dinner! Bethany's outfit is adorable, I love her shoes.

Thanks for the tip out asking for a window table, we might do that!

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