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Loopylooloo 6 Apr 17 03:55 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Twelve - Kekes, Publix, Flying Fish and Epcot
We started our morning at Kekes Breakfast Cafe, just two miles up the road from our resort, at Town Center Boulevard. Kekes had good reviews on the Dibb and trip advisor so I wanted to try it out. The only bad news for the kids, no chicken and waffles! :cry:

All the seating is booth style, so that was an instant winner, the menu is extensive - quality pancakes, waffles and speciality stuffed french toast, then omelettes, egg wraps etc and all the usual extras, bacon, sausage, syrup, home fries... syrup...
George had waffles with bacon and syrup, Bethany had french toast with bacon and syrup, Harry had choc chip pancakes, Terry had an egg combo with home fries and sausages, and I had a healthy veggie omelette (and half of Bethanys french toast :blush:)
The food looked amazing, very good quality here, very fluffy pancakes - look at Harrys happy little face!

It was all very very good, and cost exactly the same as breakfast at IHOP - $60 all in. We still love IHOP though its just a different experience. You have to do both. Harry couldn't eat all of his (very unusual!) so he got it 'to go' so he can enjoy it all over again later.

Bethany ate all the orange pieces that came as garnish and we got a great photo of her goofing about!

There was a Publix right next door, so I popped in for water. Forty five minutes later I emerged with this -

Oops! I just went into tourist shopping mode God only knows how we will get all that home but hey ho! The kids didnt even mind because I bought so much trashy junk food for them. Notice the large bottle of maple syrup we are taking home, so I can try to recreate our lovely Florida breakfasts. Yum.
Publix is a really nice supermarket, a bit more upmarket than Walmart, think M&S, the staff pack and take your shopping to your car for you and wont accept tips for it either. Great service.

We spent the afternoon by the pool enjoying the really warm sun that had come back again. The kids keep laughing at me because I just talk to everyone, I have already met another Dibber here at our resort, and several friendly americans! I do love a chat. :D Terry and Harry played football in the pool. My legs are still not brown yet!

There are a lot of lizards around the pool cute little fellas...

By around 3pm we were roasting in the scorching sun, today was very hot, so we went inside for a nice cup of english tea, (PG Pyramids) and a shower.

Tonights dinner was at the Flying Fish Cafe, at Disneys Boardwalk, it is a signature restaurant and one I was really looking forward to, the Boardwalk is such a nice area especially in the evening.

This restaurant has just been relaunched, and we had heard lots of good things about it, we went inside, checked in at the desk, and politely requested a booth table (of course) the lady nodded, and said yes of course mam, no problem!
A few moments later, another lady came to take us to our table, we went inside and were immediately wowed by the decor and beautiful glass flying fish lights - Stunning!

She led us through the main seating area, past all the booths (erm... ) and round the corner into a dark side room, no lights, no nice ambience and NO BOOTH! Excuuuuuuuuse me lady! :angry:
We sat at our rather uninspiring rectangular table, (set for for six people) and I have to admit I was a bit gutted. :cry:
I popped out to the rest room, and had a quiet word with the check in lady, and just asked if we could possibly move to a booth in the main dining area, she said that the booth tables (which were all empty) were allocated to larger parties, of six or seven, (they were all set for just five people) when I queried this, she said she would need to get the manager, who immediately said of course we could have a booth! No problem! So we all played musical chairs and were very happy in our new booth. You could see the chefs cooking and everything. We also had a fantastic server, called JR, who was Italian/Iranian and we loved him. Look at his lovely smiley face 😊😊

My wine-o-meter was low, so I ordered a nice glass of Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc. I needed it after the no booth incident! :d: nobody puts LooLoo in the corner...

Our starters were lovely, Crusted Shrimp -

Lobster Bisque -

And warm bread with salted butter -

For our main courses we had Wagyu Filet Mignon -

And Scallops on a corn puree -

Delicious! The atmosphere in here is really decadent, but still feels casual, and relaxed. We really enjoyed it. For desserts we had 'Under the Sea' a chocolate concoction with sea salt, mmmm...

And Chocolate Banana Napoleon - banana and raspberry mousse with chocolate. Mmmm...

When the bill came, we noticed we had not been charged for any drinks, but it was still $300 plus tip, not cheap, but a very very good meal. Anyone who has the dining plan it is definitely worth two credits. We would love to come back, and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice meal at the Boardwalk.
After dinner we walked slowly down to the International Gateway to Epcot, to the Showcase.

It was such a different experience coming in the evening! Just no comparison, way better than sweating around it in the daytime heat. All the lights were so pretty too. There was lots of live music everywhere - we went into Morrocco and stopped to listen to this live band for a while - cue todays video! :D

The Morrocan Pavilion was really pretty. We had a good browse around looking at all the magic lamps etc..

We then headed to Norway for our much anticipated fastpass for Frozen Ever After! Yay!

A cute little ride, we had a bit of a sing song while we went round, cant say the men loved it, but me and Bethany really did! 💜💜💜 And tomorrow we have our Frozen sing-a-long in HS! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

And then it was time for 'Illuminations- Reflections of Earth' here is another little video (sorry for poor quality)

A perfect end to a really lovely evening, even the kids all agreed that the Boardwalk area and Epcot at night was a really fantastic combination, George especially loved the Boardwalk. I would love to bring my mum one day and stay at the Yacht or Beach club, its on my bucket list.

Decaff tea is now being consumed, and then I am off to bed! Goodnight! :wavey:

Step count 12,000 Tomorrow - Hollywood Studios.

Melbatb 6 Apr 17 04:09 AM

Wow - the food looks amazing!

Sounds like you had a relaxing day!

Smilesonfaces 6 Apr 17 07:23 AM

Love the look of that chocolate dessert !

WileyCoyote 6 Apr 17 07:40 AM

Lovely day - you all look so posh for dinner and the food just looks nom nom
Boardwalk is such a lovely place too.
Damn, I want to try Keke's - there was one near us in Largo but it wasnt open , sad face.
and i can totally relate to your trolley ...

Redrach1903 6 Apr 17 08:13 AM

Aww what a lovely day!

That breakfast looks amazing! :)

I always feel bad when they Publix dudes wont accept tips! Very un-American huh!

Flying Fish looks fab and glad you got your booth. Nobody puts LooLoo in a corner - LOL! :D

Totally agree about the parks at night time, so different and feels so much nicer!


dixonsontour 6 Apr 17 09:26 AM

Lovely day.

Loopylooloo 6 Apr 17 12:58 PM

Thanks everyone, food was really special, but make sure to sit in main dining area, the room they tried to put us in was like a dark cloakroom. We noticed all the families with strollers were in there so maybe thats the idea, people with 'kids' in the back. It was so nice at the Boardwalk am really pleased we went.

Just realised I forgot to mention I popped into the Boardwalk Bakery on our way to the car last night, just to look, amd came out with these...! Going to have them for breakfast today.

Beanie1 6 Apr 17 02:47 PM

What no booth! Did you park at the boardwalk Louise? Lovely day. X

Loopylooloo 6 Apr 17 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by Beanie1 (Post 12419247)
What no booth! Did you park at the boardwalk Louise? Lovely day. X

Yes, we parked in self parking, arrived at 5:15, and the man said we could stay as long as we wanted. Which was really great. The no booth thing is making us all laugh today but I bet my face was a picture! :D

Beanie1 6 Apr 17 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Loopylooloo (Post 12419300)
Yes, we parked in self parking, arrived at 5:15, and the man said we could stay as long as we wanted. Which was really great. The no booth thing is making us all laugh today but I bet my face was a picture! :D

Thank you! We are doing Epcot tomorrow evening. Never been to the boardwalk so will go. Have a lovely day today. X

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