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Loopylooloo 9 Apr 17 05:37 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Fifteen - Packing, Pool time & Narcoossees
Our last full day! :cry:

We had a lazy morning, and started the dreaded packing, again I was reminded how great the packing cubes are. We just had cereal and toast for breakfast, before heading down to the pool. We originally planned to go to Celebration today and bike around the lake, but we are all tired and feeling the need to do nothing, so thats what we did! That is until George announced he was starving, and we needed to go to Five Guys one last time for lunch, oh, and we also needed more chocolates and stuff from Walmart!

While we were eating our burgers, (my god I am starting to look like a cheeseburger I swear) I noticed that the milkshake menu said you can add bacon to any milkshake - BACON! In a milkshake! That just aint right...! The manager offered to make me one for free, he said its like the sweet/savoury thing like pancakes, bacon and syrup, I was tempted for a moment and then decided no, that was a step too far and poitely declined.

I did a quick supermarket sweep at Walmart, and went to pay, I had picked up a bottle of wine, for this evening, but today I had no ID, and today was the one time I got asked for it! I ran, yes ran, to the car, and quickly got my driving licence and ran back in, panting and heaving to the till to get my wine! Oh dear...! :blush:

Back at the resort, we quickly headed back to the pool. A staff member came round and said that there was a guy here from Gatorland doing an animal talk, so we all went over to check it out. He was called Danny, a very nice young man, and he had brought a Tarantula, a Snake, a Bearded dragon, a baby Gator and a 3 year old Gator with him, all in special black bags. He got the kids to hold all the animals wothout showing them first! Brave kids.

After a very pleasant afternoon by the pool we got all dressed up for our very last dinner (:cry::cry:) a very special one - Narcoossees!
This was the highlight of our holiday last time, so we had saved the best until last for this time.
We arrived just in time to see a bride in the cinderella carriage, which made Bethany and I very excited indeed! We couldnt get a photo as we were in the car, sorry. This resort is just so amazing, like something out of a fairytale.

The foyer is very grand, and once inside we saw all the easter eggs on display, they are all hand painted, and really beautiful.

The Elsa one was spectacular -

We walked through the foyer, and out into the grounds to Narcoossees.

The restaurant has decking all around it, overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon.

We had a wander around the decking, and then went inside and were seated right by the window, it was perfect. Even Mr F was happy.

I oredred a nice glass of Kim Crawford (who is she anyway?!) and our starters arrived - Mussels, Calamari and Lobster Bisque, with warm bread & salted butter. The mussels were in a gorgeous sauce. It was so hard to stop ourselves eating all the bread before our main course.

And then our main courses - Surf and Turf, for everyone except George who had pasta with shrimp. It was all fantastic, the surf and turf came with buttery mash and a red wine sauce, and roasted vegetables which I loved.

The boys went out on the decking together - it overlooks the contemporary resort, and magic kingdom - little boats were coming and going, we also got to see the sun go down. It was a pink sky at night tonight!

I did wonder if we would see Ant and Dec at this posh resort, as today was the day they had filmed the show live from Magic Kingdom but to no avail... Never mind, onto dessert! We had a smorgasbord of desserts, chocolate candy bar, creme brulee, nemo cupcake, strawberry shortcake and an almond crusted cheesecake that they presented to Terry and I as it is our 20th wedding anniversary soon, a nice touch. The cheesecake was really good.

After dessert, we all went back onto the decking, it was a bit chilly by now, but we still watched Wishes, they piped the music in, and I dont mind admitting, I had a little cry! Something about the song and music gets me every time!

Wonderful. Now, this is where it all went a bit pear shaped, we paid the bill, and then Terry announced he had lost our car keys... :omg: well, we looked everywhere and couldnt find them. I was heading to check in to see if I could get a room, when he remembered he had left them in Dora the Explorer, well done Terry! Then the boys decided we should go back into Magic Kingdom as were right next to the Monorail so off we went, into the park at 10pm on a Saturday night. It was heaving, and freezing. We did Pirates of the Caribbean, and then decided it was so cold we needed to go home. They were showing a lovely light show on the castle though which was really clever. Look at Bethanys light up Ariel ears...

Here is my last little video clip of the light show -

We finally got home at midnight and I am struggling to keep my eyes open to write this so Goodnight! Tomorrow is going home day...

Megandllsmum 9 Apr 17 07:17 AM

Oh Louise what a lovely relaxed last day, I've loved reading your trippie everyday ... it's one of the first things I do after making a cuppa 😀. Narcoosees looks amazing wonderful food... bet they don't do milkshakes with bacon 😂😂😂... your step count was very impressive when I checked leaderboard this morning too... you go girl! xx

Peachy pot 9 Apr 17 08:18 AM

Bacon in a milkshake. Yak! We've never been to Narcoosees, it looks fantastic. Might put that on the list. Totally love those Ariel light up ears.

Redrach1903 9 Apr 17 08:33 AM

Boo to packing! :(

Bacon in a milkshake?! Not sure I'd be up for that!

Looks like a lovely meal :) Perfect last night! I always cry watching Wishes for the final time too!


WileyCoyote 9 Apr 17 08:51 AM

That's a lovely last day, phew to securing the vino !
Dinner looks just perfect and such a wonderful way to round off the holiday.
Sad face , coming home . It's been sooooo good!

fletchie148 9 Apr 17 11:34 AM

Looked a wonderful day
Your meal looked yummy too

collybird 9 Apr 17 12:33 PM

What a lovely day, dinner at Narcoossee's is a perfect end to your trip!

Melbatb 9 Apr 17 01:02 PM

Another lovely day!

Have a safe trip home today!

Loopylooloo 9 Apr 17 04:41 PM

Really dont want to leave, we are all packed and by the pool.

Have added a little video clip from last night. Feeling very sad now. :cry:

mick 9 Apr 17 06:20 PM

A lovely evening with a great meal to end your holiday:spin:

Have a safe journey home

Joan :wave:

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