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Loopylooloo 10 Apr 17 12:02 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Sixteen - Its the end of the world as we know it (going home)
:(So today is going home day. By the time you read this, we will be landing back in England!

We started the day with breakfast by the pool, from the little Starbucks on site, in the shop. It wasnt bad acually, I had a nice warm cinnamon roll, and a latte, George had a bacon and egg toasted thing, and Harry had a chocolate muffin. Bethany opted for a healthy frappe latte, and an apple.

I am really going to miss this view! We saw a beautiful big bird by the lake too - so graceful.

We had a nice few hours relaxing and swimming, and then went inside to the resort changing rooms to shower and get ready for the airport.

It felt so sad saying goodbye to this place, it has been so wonderful! Bethanys sad face -

It took what felt like just five minutes to get to the airport, we had to say a sad farewell to Dora the Explorer - goodbye Dora! You have served us well.

Security was a bit of a jumble, the queuing system is not as organised as the park lines! We headed straight to Outback Steakhouse for something I hadnt managed to fit in - a bloomin onion!

It was 'bloomin marvellous' and we all woolfed it down.

And this of course -

Then a huge rib eye steak with a loaded potato and vegetables yay! I have really missed carrots.

More burger for George..

Kookaburra Chicken for Harry -

Bethany spotted this great little gadget on the table that alerts the staff to your needs - clever!

Our flight is a little delayed am now at boarding gate with hundreds of other people looking equally sad to be leaving Florida. It has been epic - thank you for reading along and for all your lovely comments. And thanks mum for the shepherds pie!

mancdisney 10 Apr 17 12:22 AM

Safe flight home. I've really enjoyed your trip report.

Beanie1 10 Apr 17 04:24 AM

Have so enjoyed your holiday Louise. Thanks for sharing it with us!. Hope flight home was okay. Will be equally as sad when we leave on Saturday. Enjoy the Shepards Pie. Briony. X

HEMANCLOFTY 10 Apr 17 05:57 AM

What a fab trippie - so sad it has come to an end! Well done for keeping up with the daily updates.

Hope that your flight home has gone well.

Melbatb 10 Apr 17 05:59 AM

Hope the flight home ws sleepy!

Thanks for taking the time to write up the report - has been fun reading along with you!

Disneyfreaks 10 Apr 17 06:56 AM

Really hate the coming home bit 😩 of a fab Florida holiday - it's so depressing - glad you had a good time, will you be booking again any time soon ? ! 😜

Lovesholidays 10 Apr 17 07:08 AM

Loved reading your reports daily, well done for keeping them so well updated. Looks like you all had a fab holiday, coming home is always just the hardest isn't it?
Hope the return flight was ok, and welcome back home :wave:

Megandllsmum 10 Apr 17 07:20 AM

Morning Louise, hope the flight home was a good one.
Really enjoyed your trip report and hope you get the chance to return to Florida soon.
Hope mums shepards pie is good later xx

Redrach1903 10 Apr 17 07:50 AM

Awww so sad to be leaving :( I'm already dreading coming home and we haven't even left yet! LOL!

I've really enjoyed reading your reports every morning, thanks for sharing!


Cutiepie 10 Apr 17 08:44 AM

I have really enjoyed reading along everyday while having a cuppa so I'm sad too now it's over:( lol

Thank you for sharing your holiday with your lovely family, I always enjoy your reports:)

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