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Bella Lilac 11 Mar 08 02:29 PM

Cirque de Soleil
Hi All

Has anyone seen the Cirque de Soleil in Orlando? It adds up to quite a lot of money for a family of four (all over the age 10!), is it worth it? Also is it cheaper to get the tickets before you go or get them from the box office in Downtown Disney?

Dopeygirl 11 Mar 08 02:30 PM

Its FANTASTIC. We all loved it. We booked our tickets before we went but my friend has been a few times now to see it and just books hers from the box office at Downtown Disney when she gets there.

wayneg 11 Mar 08 02:39 PM

Most (if not all) replies will say its great, fantastic etc. I am one of the few people who didn't enjoy it. Seen this show and 'O' in Vegas, didn't enjoy either.
I love theatre, was there on Saturday to see Dr Dolittle, go every month or so. But Cirque's don't do it for me.
I am almost sure you will enjoy it, almost everyone does but I am in the minority with this one.

Sue 11 Mar 08 02:41 PM

I'm one of the very few who was left underwhelmed by Cirque - loved the skill and some of the artistes but was left completely unimpressed by a lot of the arty 'posing'.

I know many will be along who love it and reckon it's worth every penny. I am going again in September with different people so perhaps may get a different perspective.

For the record there are no bad seats for this show and in some ways, the most expensive front seats have a more limited view in my opinion (TOO close?).

jcholidays 11 Mar 08 02:53 PM

It's brilliant, we have been 3 or 4 times and might even go again.

With the Blue Man group around now you might be able to pick up some deals. And yes I do think the Cirue beats the Blue Man Group.

Go for it.

wayneg 11 Mar 08 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by jcholidays (Post 2091613)
With the Blue Man group around now you might be able to pick up some deals. And yes I do think the Cirue beats the Blue Man Group.

While I didn't enjoy Cirque, BMG is one of the funniest shows I have seen. That show is brilliant IMHO. Will be back to see that again

Lydiakate 11 Mar 08 03:20 PM

We loved this show and will book to see it again this year.

Bats 11 Mar 08 03:30 PM

I really like Cirque but I would prefer to see the touring shows as I feel they offer better value for money... longer show normally with more 'going on'.
Saying that though, they normally only tour in London which is not helpful for most people!

I've seen 4 now and the best was Alegria. If you've got the money, book it but it could always be done next time you're there!

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