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Disney_time 30 Nov 21 12:46 PM

Quarantine @ home
Ever the pessimist, I have started to look at this option if necessary. Just wondered what other Dibbers are planning for this.

Our problem is that we land in Heathrow and have a flight booked to Glasgow. The official government website says that you are able to take public transport home and can even break your journey in a hotel as long as you maintain social distancing/ hygiene measures/ touch free check in etc.

We are considering driving to Heathrow instead, using meet & greet parking and driving home, breaking the journey somewhere. I'm sure by the time we get home we'll have our PCR result. Would be a disaster if it came in positive while we are still on the M6.

Obviously, we'd rather be at home if we have to quarantine. Then of course, we have to also take into account that Scotland may adopt something more stringent...

I'm probably overthinking :blush:

Blue nose 30 Nov 21 08:32 PM

Why would you not still fly to Glasgow and then test at home?

Gryff 30 Nov 21 08:36 PM

Iím flying home tomorrow
I land at Heathrow then fly on to Glasgow and test at home on day 2

loldis 30 Nov 21 09:09 PM

Agree with the above, test once you're in Glasgow rather than in London. There's no requirement to test at your port of entry.

lizzie145 1 Dec 21 12:11 AM

you wouldn't be made to isolate on the M6 when you receive the result

you can take the test anytime between landing (day 0) and day 2 so plenty of time to get home.

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