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Lisa29 14 Feb 21 02:37 PM

Another Birthday Trip, Oct 2019 - Day 10, Family Time, Swimming and Animal Kingdom
The previous day is HERE.

Saturday 12 October 2019

We woke with the alarm at 7am today. Phil and I got up and as we were moving to the house tomorrow anyway, I packed a case of stuff that we knew we weren't going to wear for the rest of the holiday. I also packed our wedding outfits into one of the hand luggage cases.

Madison and Kaley had some cereal, then we all got dressed, put sun cream on and got together the bits we needed for the day.

Phil, Madison and Kaley started taking the packed cases out to the car, then came back and took all the stuff we needed for the day along with some other bits we didn't need until packing properly, like the Bath and Body Works delivery and the things for home we had bought.

Mum had said to take any washing we had so we took that and were in the car and on our way at 8.40am.

Madison snapped the POR sign

And also got the main sign on the drive out

My brother had texted to see what we wanted from IHOP so I had messaged back with what we wanted. They went to pick up the food while we were on our way there.

It only took us 20 minutes to get into Windsor Hills but then there was a detour to get to the house. We followed this, so saw a lot of the estate, but once we got to the house, we could see that we hadn't actually needed to follow it.

The others had moved their cars, and Dave and Ryan were out in one to get the breakfast, so we pulled onto the drive

I'm sure there are more pictures of the house but here are a few taken as we arrived

The entry hall

The living area

The pool

The dining area and part of the kitchen

Just after we arrived, Dave and Ryan got back with the breakfast. I didn't write down what we had, there's just a couple of pictures

This was really good and our share of this was $24.26.

We went and got our stuff from the car then Piper and Cody showed us round the house and in all the rooms.

We all got into our swim stuff and were in the pool by 10am. We mostly filmed this, so don't have many photos

We had the best morning today, we all had so much fun. The kids all loved being in the pool together and it was so good to all be together and have such a good time. Phil, Dave, Ryan and the kids had so many attempts at throwing a small basketball to each other whilst jumping/diving in the pool at the same time as throwing, with the aim to all have caught and thrown the ball and finish with throwing it through the hoop. After many, many attempts, they finally managed to do this. :D We had so much fun watching them try and were able to film all the attempts too! ;)

After a couple of hours, we all got out and had showers and got dressed, put sun cream on again and did our hair. We were all done by 1.10pm

Madison and Kaley were hungry so had some Pringles, Oreos and strawberries to tide them over.

All dressed and ready to head out

Apart from Mum and Dad, we were all going to Animal Kingdom, though had different FP's so weren't going to be together when we were there. We left at just after 1.30pm and drove via Sherberth Road to AK.

We parked in Butterfly 19

We decided to walk rather than getting the tram and it was definitely the quicker option. We got through bag check quickly and made our way to Africa

All the swimming had made us hungry so we were going to Harambe Market. I had tried to do mobile order from as soon as we got in the park but I couldn't get it to work until we actually got there.

The menu

It was really busy and we had to wait a couple of minutes to get a table, which thankfully was in the shade.

I ordered us the Chicken Gyro, served with African Coleslaw, $11.79 and a Beef and Lamb Gyro, served with African Coleslaw, $11.29. We also got two a Coke Zero and a Fanta, $4.49 each.

The mobile order confirmation

It took a while for this to go through and the app wasn't updating to say if it was being processed or was ready so I went and waited near the pick up point and soon heard them call my name. I collected my order and went back to the table

This was really good, the different meats were really tasty. We shared it between us and ate most of it, leaving just a bit of the coleslaw. It was nice to have something different for a change. As per the order confirmation, this should have cost $32.06 plus tax and we used two QS credits.

We left here as soon as we had finished to use our FP for Festival of the Lion King. I took this picture on the way there

I'd love to know why they were wearing these! :D

We got to FotLK at 2.45pm for the 3pm show. It was very, very busy, and the CM's kept asking people to move along to get more people in.

The show was really good, we were glad we had seen it.

We came outside when it had finished and the park was so busy. We walked towards the Safari

The wait time for KS was 120 minutes, the longest wait for anything we had seen so far this holiday.

We have never been to Rafiki's Planet Watch so went there

But this was experiencing technical difficulties so we couldn't go.

We walked round to Asia and watched the rapids going past for a few minutes. We decided to go to the Maharajah Jungle Trek, spending some time seeing the animals


Lisa29 14 Feb 21 02:55 PM


Once we had finished looking in here, we walked to Discovery Island. As we were walking round, we saw Dug and Russell out with not too many waiting in line. Typically, not long after we joined the line they had to go off for a break so we had to wait quite a few minutes before they came back.

The CM in the line was really funny and was telling lots of jokes. He was also asking everyone in line if they had any jokes so Kaley told him one my cousin had told me:

What type of cheese isn't yours?
Nacho cheese

The CM absolutely loved this and wrote it down so that he could use it again :)

Soon enough, Dug and Russell were back and it wasn't long until it was our turn.

Hugs with them both

And then posed for photos

They finished off with more hugs

We went to go and walk around the tree but saw a PP photographer with no line so had some photos taken quickly

And a magic shot

Another tree pic as you can never have too many

Another sign pic

I noticed that Madison's ear looked a bit sore where her earring was so we sat down so that I could take it out and clean it. It made her feel a bit unwell, and she went really pale, so we stayed sitting for a while.

Madison still wasn't feeling great so I went over to Riverside Depot

To get a bottle of Sprite $4.22 and the AK re-useable bag, $2.00, total $6.63 including tax. For some reason, I didn't use a snack credit for this, I donít know why as we still had lots to use.

We sat for a bit more while Madison had the drink, which helped and made her feel better

We walked to Pandora next to have a wander before we were meeting Dan, Dave and Cole.

The detail is fantastic

We also had some PP pics

On our way to Satuli Canteen

And then waiting outside

We were ordering food for Dan and Dave using our credits as we still had quite a few to use by tomorrow. They had been to see FotLK and were running late so Dan rang me as they came out to tell me what they were having so I could mobile order. They had a combo bowl with rice and beans and herb sauce and a chicken bowl with rice and beans and black bean vinaigrette. For drinks, they had a blue cocktail and a fountain drink. I didn't take a picture of the order confirmation so I'm not sure what this should have cost, or what the blue cocktail was, and we used two QS credits.

I clicked we're here on the app and a few minutes later, they got here. We chatted for a few minutes but we had to go for our Restaurantosaurus ADR. I got the notification a few minutes later that their food was ready so messaged to let them know they could pick it up.


Lisa29 14 Feb 21 03:07 PM


We rushed to the restaurant and arrived a few minutes late

Loved this on the roof

Light fitting inside

We told the CM we had a reservation and she told us which line to go to order at and what part of the restaurant to sit in (to the left as you went in). Phil and Kaley went to find a table whilst Madison and I joined the line to order. This took a little while as the guy at the front of the line had managed to join this line when he didn't have the Burgers and Sundaes package booked.

The menu

Soon it was time for us to order. Here is what our total should have been including tax, though we used four QS credits

And we were given these to exchange at the sundae bar

Kaley waiting for us

We went and sat down and it didn't take long for our food to come out. The tables had paper tablecloths and there was crayons so we had spent the time waiting drawing, colouring and playing games.

Madison and Kaley each had a Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich and fries

Phil and I each had the All American Burger, one with fries and one with onion rings

The girls and I shared the onion rings and fries. This was all very good, it was all really tasty and it was nice to be in the quiet side of the restaurant.

When we had finished, we took it in turns to go up to the counter to get our ice cream, and then to the toppings bar. I took photos of all the different toppings

And what each topping is

I don't recall what the different options were for ice cream flavours but I do know what we each had; mint choc chip for Madison (with just a few M&M's! ;))

Kaley had vanilla

Phil had chocolate

And I had mint choc chip, with a side of hot caramel sauce

These were really good too and it was an excellent use of QS credits.

It was 7pm when we were done here. Madison and Kaley wanted to go onto Dinland Dumbo (that's what I have written in my notes and I can't remember the real name! :D) so we went to Dinoland

I think I am one of the few that actually likes this ride

The wait time said 10 minutes and it was just under that when we were on the ride

This was fun and the girls really liked it. They wanted to go on again but the line was a bit longer now.

We really wanted to see Rivers of Light and see Pandora in the dark so we didn't have a lot of time. We rushed back over to Pandora and managed to see it in the dark. For some reason, we didn't take many photos

It really does look amazing all lit up and with the bioluminescent light, it was beautiful. I'm so glad we decided to come over here, rather than going straight to RoL.

As we walked past FoP, it was 7.27pm and the wait time said 160 minutes.

I'm not sure if this was true reflection of the wait time or if it was to discourage people from joining the line.

We quickly walked back to RoL and walked in at 7.35pm. It was really busy but we were told to go down to the front and were sat on the third row.

Everest at night

Photos while we were waiting

Pictures during the show

We all really enjoyed this. I know lots don't like it but we thought it was really good and were glad we got to see this and the Pandora all lit up.


Lisa29 14 Feb 21 03:24 PM


We slowly walked out and as we got to the tree, the Tree of Life Night Time Awakenings was on

A bit blurry but I like this one

More pictures of the tree

The tree looked so beautiful all lit up, this is a great addition to the entertainment at AK.

Another tree pic

And more photos

And two final tree pics as we were leaving

We stopped for a photo as we were leaving the park

I have written that it was a long walk back to the car, and we were in and on our way at 8.35pm. We followed the signs for POR and DS and it seemed to take us ages to get back. It was just before 9pm when we were back. We went and got our refillable mugs first, before heading back to the main area.

Some lovely night time photos of POR

(The moon on this one. :))

We went to Riverside Mill and refilled our mugs

On our way back, we went into Fulton's to do some shopping. Kaley bought herself a colouring book ($7.45 inc tax) and Madison bought a Winnie the Pooh something for $10.64 inc tax. Phil and I went a bit mad with our shopping here! A lot of the descriptions on the receipt make no sense to me, but there were photo frames, jigsaws, magnets, ornaments, Christmas decorations, pin badges and more, costing us almost $300, eek! :blush: We used our $90 gift card from skipping Mousekeeping towards this.

The photo frames

2019 snow globe

Christmas decorations

We walked back to our room and got back at 9.40pm. Madison and Kaley got ready for bed and were in bed and asleep just after 10pm.

Phil and I packed up as much as we could, ready to check out tomorrow and move to the house. With taking some of our stuff to the house this morning, it didn't take too long to get everything else packed.

We watched a bit of TV and I went to bed around midnight.

My steps for today - 20,245
Phil's steps for today - 16,174

Next up, Moving Day, Epcot, Disney Springs and BJ's Brewhouse is HERE

TODAY'S DINING PLAN ROUND UP - 8 Counter Service used and 0 Snack Credit used.

OVERALL DINING PLAN ROUND UP - 63/80 Counter Service used and 64/80 Snack Credits used.

DINING PLAN CREDITS REMAINING - 17 Counter Service and 16 Snack Credits.

mick 15 Feb 21 03:08 PM

A busy but great day :wave:


DiddyDan 7 Mar 21 08:11 AM

We really did have a good morning in the pool that day! It was so much fun and the kids all loved it too 😊
Your food in harambe market looks delicious, I canít believe Iíve never eaten there, Iíll have to try it next time. Youíve still got so many DP credits to use up!
I also canít believe Iíve just read 3 full days where we didnít see you 😂 Itís been really nice seeing what you got up to x

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