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shirley 4 Apr 21 10:26 AM

Skoda octavia
Dh looking at a new car, fancy Octavia has come up. Now up this end, they are 99% of the time used as taxi's. Any thoughts, I think its a Vrs model. X

hvasey 4 Apr 21 11:02 AM

Weíve had one for 2 years, a petrol Vrs in dark gunmetal grey with the big graphite wheels. Looks about as far from a taxi as you can imagine 😉
DH does get taken for an unmarked police car sometimes though as he wears black work uniform 🤣
Itís a lovely car with an enormous cavern of a boot, I donít know what weíll replace it with though, the brand new model is horrible in comparison.

Ciano 4 Apr 21 11:42 AM

We have a Karoq but would just say how much we love it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Skoda.

djewkes 4 Apr 21 11:50 AM

Weíve not got an octavia but have had a skoda fabia automatic for the past 8 years and itís brilliant... had electrical problems with Renault Megane and then a Nissan note which basically just died, the skoda has been so reliable (touch wood)... itís a 59 reg but only 45k miles on the clock and I wonít change it yet if I can possibly help it...

shirley 4 Apr 21 11:54 AM

I had heard they are very reliable, going for a look and see how it looks. Thanks

fluffychicken 4 Apr 21 11:56 AM

Weve got he automatic estate version and love it.

kateh134 4 Apr 21 01:01 PM

My mum has had an automatic estate version for about 5 years and loves it. Sheís looking to change it as she wants something smaller now, but itís not given her any problems in all the time sheís had it. Weíve got a Karoq and would also recommend Skoda.

DangerMouse74 4 Apr 21 01:01 PM

Iíve had one for the last 3 years. Itís a great car, never lets me down and is cheap as chips to run. The kids thought it was called an Uber. If you arenít a badge snob itís using all the same parts as VW and Audi, but at a much better price. Iíd rather spend my money on Florida holidays, my home or the kids than a way to get to and from work.

shirley 4 Apr 21 02:37 PM

I will drive anything as long as its safe, xx

shelle 4 Apr 21 02:47 PM

My husband has the Skoda Superb which is basically a longer Octavia. No complaints from either of us.

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