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antietam 16 Apr 21 07:33 AM

MDE Check in Online
Tried to do this last night but for some reason when i save at the end it takes me to the log in screen even though I am logged in already.
Anyone know why this is


darsch1982 16 Apr 21 07:35 AM

I'm getting same so I guess it's an issue on there side

SteveyJ 16 Apr 21 12:17 PM

The answer to this is because the IT team at Disney are bottom of the barrel I think :D

I work in IT and every time I use their website it baffles me how a company of their size allows basic errors to happen for weeks on end.

shelle 16 Apr 21 12:54 PM

Are you using the app or website? I'm sure i read the website will only let you do it within 60 days of arrival but the app will let you do it anytime.

SuzyM 16 Apr 21 01:43 PM

I have been having trouble with this too - it gets stuck on the credit card screen even though I have put in my details. I am more than 60 days out though (going in August if we are allowed! ) so maybe that is the issue?

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