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WIGGYSMUM 23 Sep 20 03:53 PM

We are hoping for April/May 2021 , our Dibb Villa owner was very accommodating and moved our dates to next year. We got refunds on flights , car hire (thanks Andy 👍🏻) and park tickets, so these will all need rebooking.
We are very much trying to stay positive for ourDGS due to his first visit to the magic having been cancelled :cry:

tootsie rolls 23 Sep 20 06:01 PM

We have booked end of April 2021,can't get excited now ,can't see it happening😥

arhclo 23 Sep 20 06:05 PM

We originally booked April 2020, then August 2020, now waiting on April 2021 third time lucky... but thinking should book August 2021 just in case

FlyDriver 23 Sep 20 06:36 PM

Well I still have October 20 booked 👀 but that's not looking so good. As a backup I've booked cancellable fly drives for April and August 21, deposit only. Won't be booking any accomodation though (normally leave that until last minute anyway). I like to know I'm going and have backup holidays planned. Oh yeah I have a Disney Eastern Caribbean cruise booked for next August as well, deposit only.

Mr Andy 23 Sep 20 06:40 PM

I have a car and flight package booked with BA for April 17th 2021 and at the moment I am cautiously optimistic it will go ahead. That will be 13 months since the borders closed! We cant just carry on living in fear locked away for years and years.

Shooby doo 23 Sep 20 07:40 PM

Booked & paid for 6th may, sort of taking that as out of the 6 months:pgig: But TBH until there is a vaccine it's all pie in the sky, not sure going on holiday is going to make much of a difference- not as if it's under control at the minute IYKWIM:erm: We should be a week into our 3 week holiday, needed to something to look forward too!

WDocW 23 Sep 20 08:09 PM

I like to think positive but I'd say when we booked for June I was 90/10 that it would happen, now more like 60/40.

Unfortunately common sense needs to prevail before we can be certain of being able to go and that looks steadily less likely to happen based on the bizarre decisions politicians are making at the moment.

We'll see!

Thorpy 23 Sep 20 09:12 PM

I've missed out on this August and am starting to get doubtful for next August.

Manc1979 23 Sep 20 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Thorpy (Post 14657561)
I've missed out on this August and am starting to get doubtful for next August.

Iím more than positive for next August...surely by then nearly a year away there will be some sort of control

Gelatoni 23 Sep 20 11:23 PM

We'll very likely be in the same position as we are now and I have been losing hope for our Easter trip, BUT, by then I do think we'll be streamlining and really getting to grips with the new normal, with rapid testing, longer established distancing behaviours and polcies to keep the economy alive including the travel industry. Maybe even getting close to a widespread vaccine or treatments.

So i'm not ruling it out completely yet, but we'll see...

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