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Lisa29 9 Feb 20 02:14 PM

Another Birthday Trip, October 2019 - Trip Report Index *UPDATED 03.03.21 NOW COMPLETE*
Another Birthday Trip, October 2019 - Trip Report Index

We are back from another amazing Walt Disney World holiday, so it is now trip report time.

My previous two trip reports are Five Little Ones Take The Adults and The Land, Sea and Wedding Trip

Links to each day will be added below.

I was rubbish with my pre-trip report this time so here is us

My husband Phil, eldest daughter Madison, youngest daughter Kaley and me, Lisa.

This was another whole family holiday, for our second family wedding in Orlando, and due to a change in dates and the reason for the title, another birthday trip. We celebrated Madison and Kaley's birthdays in WDW in 2013 and changed our dates for this holiday to be able to do the same again. We kept this a secret from them until pre-travel day. :D

Quick recap of the details of the holiday:

Flights with Virgin from Gatwick to Orlando
Car hire with Alamo
10 nights at Port Orleans Riverside with QSDP
4 nights at the Mickey Mouse Villa on Windsor Hills
Three birthdays and one wedding :grin:


Day 0 - Pre-Travel Day
Day 1 - Travel Day
Day 2 - Three Birthdays in Magic Kingdom
Day 3 - Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs
Day 4 - Hollywood Studios, Swimming and Disney Springs
Day 5 - Epcot, Eating Around the World and POFQ
Day 6 - Magic Kingdom, Pirate's League and Shopping
Day 7 - Animal Kingdom, Shopping and Disney Springs
Day 8 - Resort Time, Disney Springs and Epcot
Day 9 - MK Resort Walk, Hollywood Studios and Boardwalk Area Walk
Day 10 - Family Time, Swimming and Animal Kingdom
Day 11 - Moving Day, Epcot, Disney Springs and BJ's Brewhouse
Day 12 - Kennedy Space Centre and Hard Rock Cafe
Day 14 - Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Swimming and Millers
Day 15 - Disney Springs, Longhorns, Florida Mall and Home Time :(

DiddyDan 9 Feb 20 04:50 PM

So excited, canít wait to read! x

Lisa29 15 Feb 20 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by DiddyDan (Post 14280494)
So excited, canít wait to read! x

Thanks, I'm trying to get a bit ahead of myself so I have some days ready to go in case I have a gap!x

Lisa29 18 Feb 20 11:00 AM

Updated with travel day.

Lisa29 2 Mar 20 08:31 PM

Updated with day 2.

Lisa29 29 Mar 20 06:35 PM

Updated with day 3.

Lisa29 17 Apr 20 02:40 PM

Updated with day 4.

Lisa29 17 Apr 20 08:47 PM

Updated with day 5

Lisa29 18 Apr 20 11:52 AM

Updated with day 6

Pumba75 19 Apr 20 09:11 AM

Really enjoying your trip report Lisa. Lovely photos. Girls look so grown up.

M x

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