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Loopylooloo 29 Mar 17 03:45 AM

Bankrupt again?! Day Four - Hollywood Studios, Prime Time Diner & Galactic Spectacular
Another beautiful sunny day, we had a leisurely morning by the pool.

Terry and I took a stroll around the lake area at the resort, paying attention to the alligator and snake warning sign! We only saw a terrapin, and a crane, and a couple of squirrels, so I still havent fulfilled my ambition of seeing a Gator...

At around two pm, we headed out to the Polynesia Resort, to meet our friends Melanie and Ron who we met on a cruise 8 years ago, it was really lovely to see them again. The Polynesia resort is wonderful.

Ron with George, and me with Melanie. Was great to see them and have a quick catch up, if only briefly. Ron gave the boys a cap each which was really kind of him. Lovely people.

They had been lucky enough to be upgraded to the Bora Bora Villas, which were fabulous!

Harry made himself at home!

Big hugs all round, and we were off to Hollywoods Studios, George's favourite park - We arrived just in time for March of the First Order (Stormtroopers) it was just brilliant, I loved it! It brought back great memories of me waking the boys up doing the same thing in the morning... :D

Our first fastpass was Star Tours, then Aerosmith (me and Bethany hated it) and then dear God I was even more stupid and went on Tower of Terror - Im not sure which was worse! I think Aerosmith.

We also popped in the Star Wars launch bay, and Bethany got some photos for her brother, who is a massive fan.

For dinner tonight we went to the Prime Time Diner, I love the Chicken Pot Pie, its delicious. Real comfort food. Plus a lady telling my kids off so I dont have to - bonus! (She told me off too by the way)

My chicken pot pie - (Terry had this too) Yummy.

Bethanys Pot Roast - needed a bit more gravy.

The boys had Fried Chicken (it was really good, I tried it - better than KFC)

Everyone agreed, GOOD dinner, especially for a theme park meal! The little boy on the table next to us was celebrating his 6th birthday, and shared his birthday cake with us, bless him, so sweet.

The waitress told all of us off for elbows on the table, and we had to eat our vegetables, and stop using our 'walkie talkies'! Funny.
After dinner, the boys went back to TOT and Aerosmith, but Bethany and I went to see the Journey of the little Mermaid instead.

Then it was time for the fireworks show, it didn't disappoint, I got a great little video - I have to say we have been really impressed with the shows, when you consider the amount of technical effort required they are pretty amazing.

We are shattered, long day - off to bed now, tomorrow we are chilling at Typhoon Lagoon all day.
Step count 13,000...

Redrach1903 29 Mar 17 07:10 AM

Another brilliant day! Your friends are so lucky to be in one of the poly bungalows!

Glad you enjoyed the SW fireworks :)

Is it still hot in the evenings just now? X

pho3nix 29 Mar 17 07:20 AM

Fab day! Those bungalows look amazing! 😀

WileyCoyote 29 Mar 17 07:47 AM

Great day, lovely to chill out before the park at home and with friends. Poly is so lovely .
Dinner looks nice too.
Fab day x

Melbatb 29 Mar 17 07:52 AM

What a lovely day! Glad the meal was a success this time round ;)

Megandllsmum 29 Mar 17 07:53 AM

Another lovely day Louise... I love how your days seem so relaxed , Walkie talkies at prime time diner made me chuckle I bet they have to tell a lot of folks off for that lol.
the fireworks video was great... another great step count too.
Have a lovely chilled out day today xx

Beanie1 29 Mar 17 09:37 AM

Look forward to your lovely trip reports every morning! Enjoy! X

juliab 29 Mar 17 09:48 AM

What a great day, lovely to meet up with friends. The food is so good there we were pleasantly surprised x

mrsdjh 29 Mar 17 11:11 AM

How fantastic was your friends upgrade! So lucky.

Glad you had a good park meal today - love the walkie talkie comment. :pgig:

I was going to try the Rock n Roller coaster this time - but maybe not after reading your comment :confused2. I bet its nice for you having Bethany so you can do some girly things together.

Enjoy the water park - is it still hot?

Loopylooloo 29 Mar 17 12:26 PM

The weather is lovely, hot around middle of day but then just comfortable mid twenties through to bedtime. It is lovely having Bethany here, she is such a nice girl, and yes, great to do all the girly things my boys wont do!

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