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kennycapes 8 Oct 19 09:28 PM

Whoís saved for 2020 but is feeling disappointed with the closures.
Hi all. Weíve been saving for 3 years and it will be 4 by the time Aug 2020 comes round.

Over the last few months really starting to feel a bit disappointed and fed up with the closures so they can rebuild for 2021.

Itís a big ask for us to save for this and worried we wonít get that holiday of a life time feeling.

Anyone else feel like this and have any of you cancelled to rebook for 2021.

Epcot seems to be closing and boarding up most of it.

Tron is new I know but the building site visible.

What are your thoughts peeps.


Original Poster here,

sorry for any confusion and upset i may have caused.

I don't think i explained myself enough as some answers were not what i expected and some were.

I didnt really mean to focus on the rides

It was also about the feel that entrances are under construction, walkways are boarded up.

Its that theme and magic that we are all looking for.

I dont know all the detail about the exact condition of the parks and walkways etc but just the general feeling (for me anyway) that there is a lot under construction.

Some of the replies have made me see the more positive side for thanks for that.

Enjoy your holidays Dibbers

Kaz007 8 Oct 19 09:41 PM

Weíre going next year ... what closures have been announced?

Iím certainly excited to be going back! :D

Lily8 8 Oct 19 09:48 PM

I honestly don't think it's that bad; many of the closures in Epcot are not rides as such.
I think you'll have a fantastic holiday regardless. We are going back in 2020, having been this year. I've considered waiting until 2021 (or 2022) for all the new rides to open, but ultimately there will always be some rides closed for refurbishment and there will always be some new rides getting built. On that basis, we shouldn't have gone in 2019 but waited for Star Wars to open in 2020, for example. I don't think anyone's trip depends on that one ride or another. For us WDW really was bigger than the sum of its parts.

lizzie145 8 Oct 19 09:51 PM

So how will a park be expanded and updated if they dont close something to allow this to happen.

It's only a few shops at epcot and a slight change with meets that are closing I think.

If it bothers you that much dont go to epcot

Mickie 8 Oct 19 09:51 PM

Whatís closing?

After coming back and booking the next holiday as soon as we got back the last few years Iíve already booked next year. However with no dining plan over October half term when weíve been going Iíve booked off site for the first time.

With price rises Iím expecting and looking forward to doing a bit less Disney and a bit more Florida. If there are significant closures it may be even less. With a 6 year old Epcotís not our favourite park anyway so wouldnít be too bothered if skipped it entirely and got an extra day to do something else.

emmafleur 8 Oct 19 09:56 PM

I donít think any rides are closed in 2020? The Runaway Railroad is opening and a few new restaurants, the second ride in Star Wars opens at the end of this year too. There are lots of new things happening in WDW next year. Iím hoping for smaller crowds as people wait for the big birthday stuff the year after. As fun as that will be, Iím sure itís going to be heaving in 2021 and not nearly as much fun to actually be there as to watch it on YouTube 😂

m2k00 8 Oct 19 10:17 PM

There is always going to be construction somewhere in the parks. Apart for the usual annual maintained closures only spaceship earth likely to be on long term closure for its update. There is more new stuff being added in 2020 than closed-

Rise of the Rististance (HS) Dec 19
Mickeys runaway railway (HS)
Ratatouille (Epcot)
HarmoniUS (Epcot)
Ice Breaker (Seaworld)
Iron Gwazi (Busch gardens)
Terminator replacement (Universal)

Plus not to mention all the new stuff thatís opened over the past 3 years.

In reality apart from areas around the middle of future world at Epcot very little is boarded up.

scoobydooby 8 Oct 19 10:20 PM

There isnít much logic to this really. Over the last few years Disney have opened multiple new rides. Three new lands in AK and DHS; a significantly expanded Fantasyland in MK; transformed Downtown Disney into Disney Springs and expanded their transport network (yes, I know, Skyliner accident... ). I am also disappointed at the mess Epcot will look while they remodel it, but without this work nothing would ever change. Spaceship Earth will be closed and Ellen gone. Did you ride Ellen anyway?! I did actually but am more excited about its replacement. Epcot will also have Ratatouille in 2020. So while construction isnít pretty itís necessary to keep us all keeping visiting. I think weíve all gained more than is lost. It was actually much worse when DHS shut so much before they had rebuilt IMO. That was a bad year. The Epcot changes will be more visual than anything else IMO.

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