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waiting4disney 12 Oct 19 05:49 PM

Eye prescription
Does anyone know anything about eye prescriptions. I don't wear glasses so not too sure about figures. Optician said DS needs glasses for reading and board work.

Sph +0.25
Cyl - 0.25
Axis 120

Sph +0.25
Cyl - 0.50
Axis 65

P.s I know I can go back and in ask.

waiting4disney 12 Oct 19 07:51 PM

DH took DS (6) so I didn't get to ask questions like does he really need glasses.
Could wearing glasses make his eyes rely on them...

Maybe as I've never had glasses its all too new to me.

galaxyflorida 12 Oct 19 08:04 PM

That is quite a small prescription, meaning their eyes are nearly perfect but if the optician has recommended that they were glasses, then chances are they will see better with glasses.

To explain what all the numbers mean:

Sph refers to the amount short/long sighted you are. Positive means you are long sighted (need glasses for close up) and negative means you are short sighted (need glasses for far away).

Cyl is the amount of ‘astigmatism’. 0 means your eyes are perfectly sphere, whilst a higher number (around 3) means the eyes are more oval. Axis is the direction of the astigmatism.

Jan 12 Oct 19 08:05 PM

Board work relates to the ‘blackboard ‘, sorry I don’t know the current word for it. A child will not be aware that he/she has problems reading what is on it as it is quite normal to the child for it to look like that. May be this is what they are referring to.

I don’t think that using spectacles causes eyes to become lazy. Perhaps a question that would be better asked of the optician.

waiting4disney 12 Oct 19 08:08 PM

Thanks for the replies.

Its an interactive white board these days 😀

disney_chick13 12 Oct 19 08:12 PM

Your eyes will not rely on glasses, one of the biggest myths in optics!

Blue nose 13 Oct 19 10:46 AM

At such a younger age the glasses could help so the eyes don't worsen.

neighbours son's vision improved by about 9 and now doesn't need then at all.

I'd just get the glasses and ensures he wears them.

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