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Dole Whip Pre-Trip April 2015!
Created: 7 Jun 14 5:52 PM
Images: 24 ~ Comments: 22 ~ Views: 7363
Sooooooo excited that we have finally booked! Back at the start of last year we priced up with charter travel to go for 2 weeks in February 2014 staying at AKL coming in at 4800 including tickets, DDP and $ card. However my OH decided that we should hold off and save some money and do up our house instead! :( Fast forward to June last year we ended up buying a new hous...
An Irish Min And 3 Scots Min Walk Into A Bar ... In NYC June 2014
Created: 3 Jan 14 7:08 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 3991
Having started and not finished 2 disney world pre/trip reports my resolution was to start and complete this one for our upcoming trip to NYC! Il start with a bit of background! I'm Lauren, 23 will be 24 by the time we head to the big Apple! I am a midwife and mostly love my job but live for holidays! I live with my boyfriend of 7 years, Ross, and we have been to di...


The Time Has Finally Come...
Created: 19 Sep 15 10:42 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 3 ~ Views: 3798
Excited... !
At The Gate Now...
Created: 13 Sep 14 9:16 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 18 ~ Views: 4978


Going On An Adventure Day 21
Created: 10 Aug 18 4:21 AM
Images: 36 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 3604
Up at 7.15, out at 8am for a bus to Magic Kingdom. Get there for about 8.20am, through bag check and a quick stop for breakfast. Sadly today is our last day, so we wanted to make the most of it.
Going On An Adventure Day 20
Created: 9 Aug 18 1:06 AM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 2257
I slept really bad in the night. Awake at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. The air conditioning is SO LOUD. I already called the front desk to have it checked but it made no difference. At 6am I was pig sick and got up to turn it off. This then meant I could hear the industrial strength toilet flushes from our neighbours. 9 times. Then the fridge in the room kicked in. ...
Going On An Adventure Day 19
Created: 7 Aug 18 9:55 PM
Images: 16 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 2072
Today we had a slow start with coffee, grapes and yoghurt for breakfast in the room. I went to put some laundry on and came back to find Adrian still in bed! But awake. We both needed a slow start. I went over to the centre to get us a salad for lunch which we put in the fridge. Then we headed out for some crazy golf. We both really enjoyed this 😁. Back to the reso...
Going On An Adventure Day 18
Created: 7 Aug 18 3:39 AM
Images: 18 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 2199
Somehow setting the alarm earlier made no difference today. We still had to rush, leaving the room at 10am for the 10.04 bus which turned into the 10.28 bus and so we had to rush through bag check and band scan and power walk to our FP for Slinky which was due to run out at 10.55. Just made it, and we were on the back of the ride!
Going On An Adventure Day 17
Created: 6 Aug 18 1:24 AM
Images: 15 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2252
Today we lounged around a bit in the morning. I went and got us coffee and a bagel to share, and we had grapes and yoghurt with that for breakfast. Headed off about 11 to Animal Kingdom. But not before I went to ask for a new iron for the room (broke the last one by accidentally knocking the ironing board and the iron went flying).
Going On An Adventure Day 16
Created: 4 Aug 18 9:33 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2689
Another lie in to 9. Today was Adrian's birthday 😁 We had breakfast of grapes and yoghurt, he opened presents, and then we caught the bus to Hollywood Studios. FP1 was Toy Story Mania, and Adrian beat me but it was close until the final round.
Going On An Adventure Day 15
Created: 4 Aug 18 9:17 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2539
Today we had a lie in until 9. Up and out in the car, for the first time since arriving at POR. Headed to Vineland Premium Outlets. Got there for 10.15am and there was still plenty of free parking. Grabbed breakfast at Starbucks. Then a concerted shopping effort. Smart rucksack for Adrian and earrings for me from Fossil. 3 t-shirts for me from Superdry. A rucksack for me a...
Going On An Adventure Day 14
Created: 3 Aug 18 3:57 AM
Images: 11 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2050
Today was a chill morning involving a lie in, laundry, lazing by the pool, a walk by the river, a nice salad for lunch and then we finally headed to Magic Kingdom just after 3pm. FP 1 was Haunted Mansion.
Going On An Adventure Day 14
Created: 3 Aug 18 3:57 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 0 ~ Views: 1673
Today was a chill morning involving a lie in, laundry, lazing by the pool, a walk by the river, a nice salad for lunch and then we finally headed to Magic Kingdom just after 3pm. FP 1 was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Going On An Adventure Day 13
Created: 1 Aug 18 4:48 PM
Images: 15 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 2150
Today we were back at Animal Kingdom. Got a bus just after 9.
Going On An Adventure Day 12
Created: 31 Jul 18 6:08 PM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 2 ~ Views: 1826
Today we have plans for late fastpasses at Epcot and Illuminations. So we had a slow morning at the resort which included, at about 10am, a quick service breakfast. As a vegetarian I found the menu options quite limited and the staff don't really care about cross contamination. My breakfast omelette was no exception 🙁. The food court was busy, which made it feel li...
Going On An Adventure Day 11
Created: 31 Jul 18 4:20 AM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2185
Thanks to everyone who has kindly commented on my trip report 😁. Today I did the breakfast run, a bagel each and chocolate croissant. Which is actually a pain au chocolat but try explaining that to a cashier... Fuelled up we got the bus to Hollywood Studios and arrives at about 10.30. This is our 5th trip and so now we tend to do the highlights and don't necessari...
Going On An Adventure Day 10
Created: 29 Jul 18 10:49 PM
Images: 16 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2159
So today I woke up about 8.45, a real lie in given I was falling asleep at about 11! I volunteered to go get breakfast so had the opportunity to explore the resort on the way.
Going On An Adventure Day 9
Created: 28 Jul 18 11:06 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2368
Headed off to Magic Kingdom today so tried the resort bus from nearest our room.
Going On An Adventure Day 8
Created: 28 Jul 18 1:30 PM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2320
Today started with packing and checking out of Hard Rock Hotel. On the drive over to Port Orleans Riverside we stopped off for water, beer and wine 😁. Checked in fine, room wasn't ready so left bags with porters and headed to Epcot. Our first fastpass time wasn't quite up so we grabbed lunch at Sunshine Seasons. First ride was Soarin' in main queue and then straigh...
Going On An Adventure Day 7
Created: 26 Jul 18 4:40 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2590
So yesterday we made a list of the universal stuff still to do, and stuff to do again. The list was long so we were up and out fairly early today. There was a line for security on the path from the Hotel, for the first time 😐. We head in to Universal Studios and ride Gringotts first, then the Mummy twice.
Going On An Adventure Day 6
Created: 26 Jul 18 3:44 AM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2244
Today turned into a shopping day. Chilled at the hotel until about 11. Took the Mustang to Florida Mall. The hood was up on the way, the rain was hammering down on the drive there! I got some stuff from Sephora, Adrian got t-shirts from Aeropostle, and I got some jewelry from Charming Charlie. Had the hood down on the way back to Hard Rock Hotel, which pleased Adrian!
Going On An Adventure Day 5
Created: 24 Jul 18 9:56 PM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2250
Today was planned to be shopping and chill. But change of plan... After a slow start which involved me finding a cockroach in the bathroom, I was ready and went to get some bagels and coffee from hotel shop, request emergency insect removal (I just bravely dropped a towel on it), and then we headed to Islands of Adventure. Got in about 10am and rode Forbidden Journey twice...
Going On An Adventure Day 4
Created: 24 Jul 18 2:11 PM
Images: 4 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 1943
We then got the Hogwarts Express over to Islands of Adventure. Which was heaving. 120 mins wait for The Forbidden Journey. We instead headed out over the bridge into the Jurassic area. Grabbed a drink from the most unhappy cast member of the day. I ordered a strawberry icee. The machine would keep freezing and not pouring it. So she came back and said "do you want somethin...
Going On An Adventure Day 4
Created: 23 Jul 18 2:06 PM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 6 ~ Views: 2356
Early entry into Universal today. We got to the entrance for just after 8 and headed to Gringotts once we got in.
Going On An Adventure Day 3
Created: 23 Jul 18 3:21 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 0 ~ Views: 2343
Back to the hotel and our room was ready. Unpacked and made a coffee. My feet have dried out but my trainers might need a bit longer...
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