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Dole Whip Pre-Trip April 2015!
Created: 7 Jun 14 5:52 PM
Images: 24 ~ Comments: 22 ~ Views: 4595
Sooooooo excited that we have finally booked! Back at the start of last year we priced up with charter travel to go for 2 weeks in February 2014 staying at AKL coming in at 4800 including tickets, DDP and $ card. However my OH decided that we should hold off and save some money and do up our house instead! :( Fast forward to June last year we ended up buying a new hous...
An Irish Min And 3 Scots Min Walk Into A Bar ... In NYC June 2014
Created: 3 Jan 14 7:08 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2393
Having started and not finished 2 disney world pre/trip reports my resolution was to start and complete this one for our upcoming trip to NYC! Il start with a bit of background! I'm Lauren, 23 will be 24 by the time we head to the big Apple! I am a midwife and mostly love my job but live for holidays! I live with my boyfriend of 7 years, Ross, and we have been to di...


The Time Has Finally Come...
Created: 19 Sep 15 10:42 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 3 ~ Views: 2031
Excited... !
At The Gate Now...
Created: 13 Sep 14 9:16 AM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 18 ~ Views: 2417


Saratoga Springs Report
Created: 30 Dec 13 2:54 PM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 3786


The story about how Mark got a little fatter: Day Two
Created: 22 Oct 15 11:25 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 1853
Guess where today?! Yep you're right Universal studios. I love this place. Personally one of the best themed and thought out parks in my book. One of our party Lois, had never been before and it was brilliant to watch her reaction to all of the hard work that the universal staff put into the park. By the way lois is 27! Lol!
The story about how Mark got a little fatter: Day One
Created: 21 Oct 15 1:31 PM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 2511
We can't stay away from here. Lol! Early morning run to some bits needed. Not too sure what where doing today. Going to discovery cove to change our tickets for lanyards and breakfast at ihop. Rest of the day is going to be taken easy.
The story about how Mark got a little fatter: Travel Day
Created: 20 Oct 15 3:09 AM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 10 ~ Views: 2889
Well months of planning has come down to this. It's 3am, there are 7 bags to load and a two hour drive to Heathrow. Eeeeeeeek!
The story about how Mark got a little fatter
Created: 18 Oct 15 9:16 PM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 17 ~ Views: 2733
This is the gluttonous story of how man went on a quest to taste all the tasty goodness that Orlando, FL has to offer. Introductions Your narrator - Mark (manchild) DW - Siobhan (extremely nervous flyer)


Photos From Disneyland California
Created: 21 Jul 17 9:42 AM
Images: 45 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 1455


50 Shades Of Grump Photo Trip Report
Created: 2 Sep 13 9:03 PM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 0 ~ Views: 3139


A Complete Novice In New York - Day 8 Museum Of Natural History, Farewell NYC We're Homeward Bound
Created: 1 Sep 15 12:01 PM
Images: 32 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 2943
Today was our final day in NYC. It didn't feel as though we were leaving, even when the cases were packed and we'd checked out of the hotel. Our flight wasn't due to leave JFK until 10pm so we stowed the bags in the hotel luggage room and set off to enjoy our last day in the city. We headed into Central Park
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 7 Highline, Greenwich Village, TotR And Just A Little Rain
Created: 31 Aug 15 10:01 AM
Images: 52 ~ Comments: 4 ~ Views: 2332
As today was our last full day and the itinerary had pretty much gone out of the window days ago I knew that there was not going to be enough time to see and do everything that we'd wanted to. I did still want to explore some of the other boroughs though so me and the kids decided to get a cab to the Highline and then just walk back in the direction of the hotel and see ho...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 6 A Station, A Library, A Park And Way Too Much Walking!
Created: 30 Aug 15 10:04 AM
Images: 35 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2430
Today was the closest thing to a lie in that we'd managed since arriving in NYC. Although I'd been awake since 4.30 updating the trippie, the kids didn't surface till 8.30am. We decided to skip going down for breakfast. Chloe had a bowl of the cereal that I'd brought from home and by the time we were all showered and ready to go it was turned 10am. Ian called in to see w...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 5 Woodbury Common, Macy's And Just A Little Bit Of Shopping!
Created: 29 Aug 15 10:17 AM
Images: 35 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 2913
Today we were off to the Premium Outlet Mall at Woodbury Common. I had booked the tickets for this bus trip ages ago through Groupon for the bargain price of $22 each (the bus fare is normally double that!). None of the others had been interested in joining us for this one, so it was just me and the kids today. We had our usual brekkie in the hotel and headed out to the ...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 4 Central Park And The Wedding
Created: 28 Aug 15 9:06 AM
Images: 33 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 3097
We have finally arrived at the day that inspired the entire trip. Ian and Georgie's Wedding Day. The original plan had been for Ian and Nicola to swap rooms last night so that the bride and groom didn't see each other before the ceremony. However, with Nic being ill, we decided that it wasn't wise to expose Georgie to any bugs that she might have. So the happy couple had ...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 3 Statue Of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial And Brooklyn Bridge.
Created: 27 Aug 15 9:00 AM
Images: 33 ~ Comments: 9 ~ Views: 2622
Another early start this morning as we had tickets booked for the 9am ferry to The Statue of Liberty. Nicola wasn't feeling too good so stayed in the room while the rest of us went down for breakfast. By the time we returned she'd been sick and looked ghastly. She was however adamant that she wanted to continue with today as planned because she didn't want to waste a day ...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 2 Empire State, 5th Avenue And A Change Of Plan
Created: 26 Aug 15 4:08 AM
Images: 25 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 3085
Despite being so warn out yesterday, we were all awake very early this morning. By 6 am we were up, showered and out to meet the others. The hotel has a breakfast included in the room rate which they start serving at 7am, so we headed down to the restaurant. It was actually very nice, with a selection of pastries and breads, bagels , muffins, cereals, fruit & yoghurt. W...
A Complete Novice In New York - Day 1 More Travelling, Celebrations And NYC At Last
Created: 25 Aug 15 7:29 AM
Images: 31 ~ Comments: 6 ~ Views: 2860
Monday 24th August We hardly got any sleep. Partly due to the noise of traffic outside the hotel but mainly because Nicola was desperate to wake everyone up so that she could get on with important business of opening her Birthday cards and presents! By 3am she was up and in the shower, which of course woke Chloe, so, at this point we just gave up trying to sleep and let...
A Complete Novice In New York - Travel Day Part 1, We're Off!
Created: 23 Aug 15 6:48 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 2742
23rd August 2015 Today began with a round of emotional goodbyes to some of the family members who aren't joining us on this trip. First off we took my Mum, who lives with us, to her sister's where she will be staying while we're away. She would have loved to be at her Grandson's wedding but decided that, at 83, she is just too old to make the journey. Next we visited my...
A Complete Novice In New York - Pre-Trippie *Update 22/08/15
Created: 14 Jun 15 10:53 AM
Images: 36 ~ Comments: 26 ~ Views: 4234
14th June 2015 First let me introduce the cast:- Myself, Alison 48 - Mother of the Groom, Chief Planner and the novice of the title. I have been to the USA on 4 previous occasions but never before ventured outside Orlando. For some reason (blind faith? shear stupidity?!) my fellow travellers are still trusting me to organise this one.


Cbr 2015
Created: 28 Apr 16 9:52 AM
Images: 58 ~ Comments: 3 ~ Views: 1413


First Time Living The Disney Dream April 2017 - Pre Trip Report
Created: 5 Jan 17 8:55 PM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 2 ~ Views: 1996
First time doing a trip report so hope i don't waffle on and bore everyone too much. Hoping i can work this dibbreporter app to so apologises for any hiccups yet to come 😉... Hello i'm amiee (27, will be 28 when we go) i am the planner for EVERYTHING and i really enjoy it and so does my husband he just has to turn up and everything's already booked and planned. ...


And Here We Go
Created: 24 Sep 13 9:17 PM
Images: 1 ~ Comments: 1 ~ Views: 1901
Japan Quick Service Meal - 10/10 without a doubt
4th Time and Still Loving It!
Created: 20 Sep 13 9:56 AM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 2820
Thursday 20th September, flight was already bumped from 11:15 to 13:20, was another 30 minutes late due to a connecting flight. Arrived at MCO at 18:15 went through immigration with in 45 minutes. Magical Express was stress free as usual and got to Saratoga Springs at 9pm. We were allocated to 1732, however the views were not what we were used to (overlooked the car park a...
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