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Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 64 - Home Time
Created: 22 Aug 18 2:18 PM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 64 ~ Views: 4709
Well, here we are, it's time for my last trip report on what has been the best summer of my life. I'm writing from home now so it's not quite as exciting as updating you all from Florida, but it will have to do! I'll pick up from after the Halloween party on Friday. Rebecca, the girl I was sharing a hotel room with, was flying to New York at 10am so she got up at 6 to get...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 62-63 - Moving Out & MNSSHP
Created: 20 Aug 18 12:28 PM
Images: 28 ~ Comments: 23 ~ Views: 2265
Hi everyone! This is going to be my penultimate trip report on the Dibb! I'll be writing about moving out of Chatham Square on Thursday and the Halloween party on Friday, with my final post being about my journey home. I thought I'd be writing this at the airport waiting for my flight but I didn't get chance, as you will see. I'm home now, and I suppose this is a good way ...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 60-61 LAST DAY AT THE EMPORIUM
Created: 17 Aug 18 2:42 PM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 29 ~ Views: 2232
Hello everyone! I've only got a few more posts left since my journey is finally coming to an end. You've all been brilliant, and although there has been a lot of tears over the last few days, I've always been able to pop onto the Dibb and read all your amazing comments. I'm going to write about my penultimate day at the Emporium, which is the day the rest of the Brits left...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 56-59
Created: 14 Aug 18 6:32 PM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 22 ~ Views: 2165
I'm early for work today so I'm going to try and catch you all up to the present. You're finally going to find out what happened with Will - don't get too excited 😂 So after my Memento shift I slept like a baby. However, I'd asked my housemates to wake me up that Friday morning before they went to work (4am!) so that I could say goodbye, as they were due to get ba...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 55
Created: 14 Aug 18 6:38 AM
Images: 9 ~ Comments: 19 ~ Views: 2072
Alright I'm finally sitting down to write about my Memento shift! It's currently 1:30am and I've finished work earlier than usual so I figured I'd put time aside to end your waiting 😂 If you've read my last report you'll know that I unintentionally pulled an all-nighter before this shift, which was 8:30am-10:30pm. To say I was knackered would be an understatement...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 54
Created: 13 Aug 18 6:04 PM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 12 ~ Views: 1516
Ok I'm on my way to work right now but I'm going to try and carry on from where I left off in my last report! Although I've no idea how much I'll get in before I have to clock in...let's see... So after my night with the Emporium cast at IHOP, I got in at about 4:30am and ended up sleeping in until 1ish. I got up and got ready to go out, because this was my last day off a...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 51-53
Created: 12 Aug 18 6:24 PM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 1796
Wow guys the response after my last post has been phenomenal! I've had references on social media (all spotted by my dad of course!) and more Dibbers than ever coming to find me in the Magic Kingdom. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, to say it's been a hectic week is an understatement. I don't have the time to write about the whole week so I'm going to do two sepa...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 48-50
Created: 6 Aug 18 2:47 PM
Images: 9 ~ Comments: 28 ~ Views: 2899
Hello! I've woken up early again today so I thought I'd use the time to update the Dibb before I get ready to go to the Magic Kingdom before work - again! I've got a few interesting things to write about, including a Disney crush that I've developed over the last week or so! And I thought I'd also answer some questions I've been asked in the comments. I'll begin with talk...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 43 - 47
Created: 3 Aug 18 4:01 PM
Images: 20 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 1670
I'm going to pick up from where I left off in my last Dibb post, but since I have five days to write about, it's going to be a long one! I'll begin with the beginning of Sunday, which we had saved as a special day off to do something nice. Taylor, Ashley and I woke up for around 7:30 ish to get ready and leave the house by 8. We got a little bit dressed up, since we had a...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 40, 41 & 42
Created: 29 Jul 18 9:21 PM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 17 ~ Views: 2132
I'm currently stood in an hour long line for the Rock N Roller Coaster so I figured now is a good time to write my Dibb posts! It's been an emotional few days to be honest, with lots of negativity and bad news. But I've been handling it like a true Disney fan and with less than three weeks left, I have been spending as much time as I can in the parks and with my beloved ho...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 37-39
Created: 26 Jul 18 5:04 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 18 ~ Views: 1666
Hello everyone! It's been an exciting and busy few days here in WDW, as my godparents are here on holiday so they've come to visit me a few times! I'll begin with Monday, which was for the most part, a standard day at work. I went to Company D at the Disney University before my shift, as I had time to kill. I picked up a frame for my name badge, was was a rip off at $30 b...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 34-36
Created: 23 Jul 18 4:42 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 18 ~ Views: 1635
I'm going to pick up where my last Dibb post left off! I sat there on Friday morning, after a week of failed plans, thinking that I should probably do something before work since I was up so early. I eventually decided stuff it, I'm going to the Magic Kingdom to play before work, so that's what I did! I got to wear my Haunted Mansion headhand for the first time, which I w...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 30-33
Created: 20 Jul 18 1:24 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 20 ~ Views: 2080
Hello everyone! My week has been slightly disastrous so far, with the rain ruining my plans on three separate occasions causing me to waste all my time off 😔 I did, however, get to meet a couple of Dibbers whilst working last night and that just made my day! So Monday, the plan had been to go to Typhoon Lagoon once Taylor got home from work. I'd go on my own, bu...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 26-29
Created: 16 Jul 18 5:03 AM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 19 ~ Views: 2105
Hello everyone! I've been meaning to do a Dibb post for a good few days, I've got lots of juicy stories from the Emporium to tell! I'll be writing about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all of which are days where I have been working, hence why I've not had the time to update the Dibb. I just got home on Sunday evening and have finished quite early for the Emporium (...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 25
Created: 12 Jul 18 6:26 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 35 ~ Views: 3012
Hello everyone! I've got a few moments free so I'm going to do my write up for Wednesday 😀 I had a lazy morning because of my plans to stay out in the parks late, I didn't want to burn myself out. I met with Taylor, one of my housemates, at about 1:30pm at Epcot because she'd promised we could go for lunch at the Rose & Crown because of how much I've been missing ...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 23 & 24
Created: 11 Jul 18 4:21 PM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 20 ~ Views: 1987
Greetings Dibbers, from over here in Orlando! First of all I would like to thank you all for all the amazing comments and suggestions about what I can do for food. The Italian bread one sounds most appealing since I really really really miss bread and having some decent stuff will give me back sandwiches as a food option! Sweet Tomatoes also sounds good, but I'll have to ...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 19-22
Created: 9 Jul 18 3:08 PM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 28 ~ Views: 2329
Hello everyone, long time no see! Again, there hasn't been much to report as it's just been business as usual and I haven't had much play time as I've been so tired! My shifts have been late ones and I've not been up to much else, so I'm going to squish the past four days into one Dibb post if you'll forgive me! I'll be writing about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 16, 17 & 18
Created: 5 Jul 18 2:15 AM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 25 ~ Views: 2239
Forgive me for not posting in a couple of days but I've not really had much to say! Exhaustion has begun to creep up on me so I've been trying to rest a little bit. So I'll do the Dibb post for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today) all in one. I have no pictures from Monday, but I worked from 4:45pm - 1:15am and it was my last training shift. I was being trained on stocki...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 15
Created: 2 Jul 18 3:40 PM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 32 ~ Views: 2779
Oh my goodness, yesterday was the most MAGICAL day so far and I literally can't write this post fast enough! It might sound cheesy, but I could really feel the true spirit of Disney in the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and I think it's probably my favourite day here so far. It started off quite slow, as I wasn't working until 3pm so I slept in late and had a lazy get up. Ashle...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 13 & 14
Created: 1 Jul 18 5:34 AM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 16 ~ Views: 1627
I'm doing two days together again as not much has happened! I had a chill day on Friday which was by choice, but also because the weather here in Orlando has been horrifying! It rained aaaalllll afternoon from about 12pm until the evening, and I kept waiting for it to ease off but it never did. So I tried to sleep in before calling home to my family and eventually decidin...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 12
Created: 29 Jun 18 3:20 PM
Images: 10 ~ Comments: 27 ~ Views: 2262
Thursday morning was another horribly early get up, with my alarm going off at 4:30. Thankfully, it's the last early morning I can see on my timetable for now so I can hopefully start to recover! We had "Once Upon A Time Is Now" in the morning, which was basically park orientation. We were one of the last groups to do it, and in my opinion it was a bit late because we had...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 11
Created: 27 Jun 18 10:18 PM
Images: 4 ~ Comments: 20 ~ Views: 1865
I'm going to start today's report now, even though it's only 5pm here in Orlando. I'm currently stood in the line for Flights of Passage in Pandora and I'm on my own, so I need something to entertain me! Today is my first day off of the week, but unfortunately it was still a 4am get-up because I had a social security appointment at some office miles away this morning. I w...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 9 & 10
Created: 27 Jun 18 3:00 AM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 30 ~ Views: 2824
So since there wasn't very much to say about Sunday I thought I'd leave it and do Sunday and Monday together! However, today has been an eventful day so it's going to be a long post... prepare yourself because I began proper work in the Emporium! Merchantainment wasn't as exciting as it sounded after all on Sunday, it was just more training in a classroom at Disney Univer...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 8!
Created: 25 Jun 18 12:54 AM
Images: 3 ~ Comments: 36 ~ Views: 2945
Well, today was my first day! I got up at 6:30 as I had to be at Magic Kingdom costuming for 9:30. It is a HUGE warehouse opposite the Disney University and it's quite high security. I had trouble getting in the giant metal turnstiles because my ID wouldn't scan so I needed help! I got in eventually though and was literally amazed. Every single costume for the Magic Ki...
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 7!
Created: 24 Jun 18 4:47 AM
Images: 4 ~ Comments: 20 ~ Views: 2192
I went to Cast Connections and it was AMAZING! I woke up early after my roommates alarm went off at 7. I only had five hours sleep and my feet still hurt from MK but I was raring to go! Taylor, one of my housemates, drove us to Cast Connections. It was a huge warehouse and the first and largest room was full of discontinued Disney stock from the parks. I got a pair of sil...
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