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The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 14 - Goodbye? Oh No! Can't We Go Back To Page 1 And Start Again?
Created: 25 Aug 19 9:19 AM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 3236
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] Last morning and we pack the car and head over to Disneyland for a few hours before we need to be in Calais for our return Eurotunnel. Somehow it seems like we're taking more home with us...oh yes, half of the Disney store. We do Crush as single riders first then Rock ...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 13 - J'ai Un Plan Ruse
Created: 25 Aug 19 8:36 AM
Images: 16 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 1022
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] It's our last full day of magic :( and for some inexplicable reason I'm joined on the Marxh of the the Dads by these two urchins.
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 12 - See You On Broadway Baby!
Created: 25 Aug 19 7:47 AM
Images: 9 ~ Comments: 1 ~ Views: 571
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] Late nights, early mornings. I'll need to go back to work for a rest after all of this. This morning it's early entry to Disney Studios. Single riders for Crush's Coaster (we're on and off in 15 minutes, as we come out the wait time is 85 minutes at 8.45am! ) Then o...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 11 - The Curious Incident Of The Thud In The Nighttime
Created: 21 Aug 19 12:50 PM
Images: 21 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 1079
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] After a hectic day, and helped by a cheeky cocktail, we all went off to sleep quickly. I'm not going to lie, the beds in Davy Crockett Ranch aren't the best (the bed at Compiegne holds that record) but they are adequate enough. Then around 5am this morning... B O O...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 10 - The Early Bird Catches The Turtle
Created: 20 Aug 19 5:42 PM
Images: 45 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 1468
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] One thing Davy Crockett Ranch has in common with Center Parcs is The March of the Dads* This time however, the march is not to collect your car (as you park outside your cabin) but to collect breakfast. For some reason best known to Mickey DCR's breakfast is a takeawa...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 9 - We're Home With Mickey
Created: 19 Aug 19 5:15 PM
Images: 24 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 1271
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] After a fitful night's sleep courtesy of the world's most uncomfortable bed (it felt like a bale of straw wrapped in potatoes) it was time to say goodbye to Compiegne. It's a beautiful little town and so close to Disney that I would recommend a stop if you can. The j...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 8 - Allons-y!
Created: 18 Aug 19 5:15 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 730
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] Today is transfer day...we leave Orpington for la belle France! We had booked our Eurotunnel for 11.35am, and having found out that junctions 9-11 of the M20 were closed we decided to leave Orpington for 9am. The journey down was pretty uneventful, with the Waze app h...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 7 - Budget Grockeling In London
Created: 17 Aug 19 9:39 PM
Images: 17 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 761
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] For the uninitiated a 'grockle' is the semi-affectionate term us West country folk give to a holiday maker. You may also hear the term "innits" for the same folk (as in, "innit lovely... innit warm...innit expensive..." etc 😂😂 Anyway today was our turn ...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 6 - The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed In Norfolk
Created: 16 Aug 19 5:25 PM
Images: 18 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 1110
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] It's our last day at Center Parcs and it's the time honoured tradition of "The March of the Dads" - virtually all the men of the households get up early to fetch the car! This explains my somewhat grumpy mugshot at 6.30 this morning!
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 5 - Fun In The Sun(ish!)
Created: 15 Aug 19 8:32 PM
Images: 16 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 883
Full trip report index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] I didn't sleep great last night - is it possible to sleep badly from being overtired?! I was the first up as usual, and this was the sight that greeted me from our patio windows. Beautiful.
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 4 - Totally Wiped Out
Created: 14 Aug 19 5:07 PM
Images: 16 ~ Comments: 12 ~ Views: 1004
Full Trip Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] A deceptively beautiful start to today. Izzy sits by our patio as squirrels and deer happily approach to be fed.
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 3 - Braiding, Braving & Burning
Created: 13 Aug 19 3:17 PM
Images: 11 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 743
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 2 - Deer, Drops & Disengage
Created: 12 Aug 19 4:01 PM
Images: 9 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 909
Full Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] After a tense early start with my new friends at Autoglass Cambridge ("I'm not sure we can patch this one - you may need a new windscreen") it was duly patched and we left Cambridge for Elveden. But not before we stopped off for breakfast at MacDonald's :) I had a bacon ro...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 1 - A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Created: 11 Aug 19 4:11 PM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 1318
Full Trip Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/url] Last minute packing done, and Poppy the Hamster handed over to the in-laws (not that MIL was much impressed at having to look after the hamster for two weeks! ) The picture is of our mini sunflowers which have decided to come into flower just in time before we left. Hop...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza T-Minus 1 Day
Created: 10 Aug 19 3:33 PM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 6 ~ Views: 802
Full Trip Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] There are certain days when it's perfectly acceptable to state you're suffering with wind. And today is definitely one of those days! The original plan was to go to the [URL=https://ellinghamshow.co.uk/] Ellingham Show [/URL] down the road from us at Ringwood, but Moth...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza T-Minus 2 Days
Created: 9 Aug 19 12:57 PM
Images: 5 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 798
Full Trip Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] It's the calm before the storm. Literally. The wind is picking up here in deepest, darkest Dorset as a storm blows in. Not sure if The Express headline writer had one too many this lunchtime (hell storms, anyone?) but our plans to attend The Ellingham Show (country fai...
The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Pre-Trip Report
Created: 5 Aug 19 12:37 PM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 1473
Full Trip Report Index here: [URL]https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/reporter-index.php?userid=332[/URL] This is my first ever trip report (with the exception of some ramblings I posted during DIBB meets a few years back). I’m partly doing this as I’ve always enjoyed reading others’ trip reports for their tips, tricks and entertainment value, and partly a...
LIVE BLOG: Grand Day Out 2015 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Created: 6 Jun 15 6:54 AM
Images: 36 ~ Comments: 35 ~ Views: 4967
Good morning from the Big Blue Hotel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's a beautiful, sunny morning (and verrrrrry windy). The DIBBcast team (sans Grant, as he was travelling a little later) met last night and feasted royally at the Velvet Coaster pub on the seafront. Keep tuned as we post updates to our live blog, and announce the grand total of how much we have raised...
LIVE BLOG - The Long Time Coming Trip - Travel Day
Created: 10 Aug 14 6:19 PM
Images: 3 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 1261
For the pre-trippage, please check here: http://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=784299 So today is journey day, from East Dorset to Folkestone. With three children. In one car. Under the remnants of a hurricane. Perfect! The day started in time honoured fashion. A Beefeater breakfast! Great food, but lousy service. We were greeted by the manager with a tut an...
DIBBcast Grand Day Out - Live Blog
Created: 7 Jun 14 6:36 AM
Images: 18 ~ Comments: 48 ~ Views: 5515
Welcome to our Grand Day Out Live Blog. We're really excited about meeting old friends and new, as well as raising money for Cancer Research UK Last night the team meet up, and it was the first time Grant and I had met in person! I know, crazy! We met up with Mark, our wizard from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who showed us round the Paradise Room - our "DIBBcast Towers" f...
From The South Wing to the North West Wing - GDO Travel Day
Created: 5 Jun 14 10:39 AM
Images: 28 ~ Comments: 52 ~ Views: 4587
I'll be blogging my journey up from the south coast to Blackpool on Friday 6th, in readiness for our Grand Day Out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with 100 wonderful DIBBers. No set plan for the day, other than seeing what serendipity offers as I catch the train from Southampton to Blackpool. It's about 5 hours on my own on the train, so it would be great to have some DIBB co...

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