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Beware The Snack Police - Day 20 - Tusker House And Rainforest Cafe
Created: 31 Aug 18 1:07 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 6 ~ Views: 1674
Our holiday is coming to an end - but before it does we had one last day at the Animal Kingdom. J and I made the most of the good weather in the morning by popping down to the pool while the others slept on. We got back mid morning, showered, dressed and left and got to AK just before our fast pass for Flight of passage opened. This ride is really amazing- feel very luck...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 19 - Backlot Express And The Monorail Loop
Created: 30 Aug 18 1:31 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 1541
We were up early today for our last trip to Disney Hollywood Studios. Managed to get all the new Toy Story rides done early on - I really enjoyed them. Slinky is great and the Alien Swirlers really made me laugh. The whole land is very impressive looking - really immersive. It does however offer very little shade.
Beware The Snack Police - Day 18 - Typhoon Tillys And TRex
Created: 29 Aug 18 1:27 AM
Images: 12 ~ Comments: 5 ~ Views: 1280
We were back at Typhoon Lagoon this morning- it was supposed to be a Blizzard Beach day but the general consensus was that the wave pool at TL is too much fun to not do again. After a quick breakfast we head off and were there for rope drop - we can manage them when they are at 10am! No pics as we didn’t have the phone but we had the following for lunch from Typhoon...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 17 - Be Our Guest And Skipper Canteen
Created: 28 Aug 18 8:06 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 10 ~ Views: 1526
Another day of food! This one started with breakfast in the hotel room followed by a quick dip in the pool. We then made our way to Magic Kingdom on the bus as we didn’t want to face the monorail / boat trip at the end of the evening.
Beware The Snack Police - Day 16 - Teppan Edo And Rose and Crown
Created: 28 Aug 18 3:34 AM
Images: 21 ~ Comments: 10 ~ Views: 1478
It was a double table service day at Epcot today. We started with a return trip to the outlets which was only slightly better at opening time... but at least J managed to pick up a new starter set of pins to trade for 1/2 the price as in the parks. We then decided to get the bus to Epcot as neither of us fancied driving.
Beware The Snack Police - Day 15 - Artists Palette And Chicken Guy
Created: 27 Aug 18 3:14 PM
Images: 15 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 1536
It was a non-park day today to give us chance to have a rest and some down time. N, J and I started by doing the Conch Flats tour of Old Key West - this was a free tour run by a really great cast member. It lasted an hour and we got given a pin each at the end - I would really recommend anyone staying here to go on it!
Beware The Snack Police - Day 14 - 1900 And Sunset Boulevard
Created: 25 Aug 18 1:54 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1143
It was Ls 17th birthday today - we will be getting some driving lessons for her when we get back as her main present, but she needed a few things to open on the day, so N and I had fun popping to Walmart the day before and picking up a few things - American candy, stationery etc... J had bought her a Cruikshanks (cat from Harry Potter) toy at Universal and we had got her a...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 13 - Goods To Go And Mama Melrose
Created: 24 Aug 18 3:27 AM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1128
We didn’t have any fast passes booked until early afternoon today so took the opportunity to have a lie in. N and I nipped to Walmart for some more milk and some birthday supplies as L turns 17 tomorrow. We then popped down to the pool and had a quick swim, followed by an early lunch - we had booked the Mama Melrose Fantasmic package but it had meant we had to have...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 12 - Bon Voyage Breakfast And San Angel Inn
Created: 24 Aug 18 2:35 AM
Images: 21 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1113
Today was our first double table service day so we were light on the cereals this morning! We were going to Trattoria al Forno for breakfast followed by a day pottering around the world in Epcot - at least that was the plan - we did end up managing to do some rides too...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 11 - Akershus And Sassalouga Floatworks
Created: 22 Aug 18 1:29 AM
Images: 19 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1160
Writing this sitting on the balcony in the rain, watching the lightning... we’ve had a bit of a mix of a day luck wise including getting very wet on the way home tonight! We started with a rope drop at Epcot to get on Test Track - which then went technical, so we abandoned the queue just after 9:30... despite this we had a good morning which ended with lunch with th...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 10 - Typhoon Tillys And Boma
Created: 21 Aug 18 1:52 AM
Images: 15 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1131
A great day today at Typhoon Lagoon - no pics I’m afraid as we didn’t take the phone with us. We went to Typhoon Tillys for lunch were we had: L & J - chicken waffle sandwich - they both loved these! N - chicken wrap and fries - he has been dreaming about this for a while so was pleased to finally get this, although I think he was secretly jealous of my lunch!...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 9 - Yak & Yeti And D-Luxe Burgers
Created: 20 Aug 18 2:32 AM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 12 ~ Views: 1602
So we were back at Animal Kingdom today for our Flights of Passage fast pass - wow! What a great experience- could have happily stayed on there all day...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 8 - Liberty Tree Tavern & Satuli Canteen
Created: 20 Aug 18 1:58 AM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 9 ~ Views: 1116
Today was going to be a Magic Kingdom rope drop day but after changing some days around due to fast pass availability etc... we ended up with today being a 2 Park day, so thought I’d be a bit kinder and let people have a bit of a lie in! We had no fast passes booked for Magic Kingdom so spent the morning having a potter round the park instead - quite a different day...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 7 - Kekes And Blaze
Created: 18 Aug 18 12:18 PM
Images: 15 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 1643
We have made it to Disney, staying at Old Key West - and we got the room I had requested through Touring Plans! It is so good to be here - I’m sitting on the balcony, overlooking the golf course and feeling very content!
Beware The Snack Police - Day 6 - Simpsons And Antojitos
Created: 17 Aug 18 12:45 PM
Images: 13 ~ Comments: 15 ~ Views: 1656
Our last full day and we still had 6 drinks and 4 snacks left on our meal plan cards. J, N and I decided to sneak in an extra trip to Volcano Bay this morning and left L in bed. Another great morning was had here - and the rapids ride was great fun - worth going back for! We used a drink credit on our way back to the shuttle bus. We were back at the hotel, picking L up an...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 5 - Panda Express, 3 Broomsticks And Lots Of Donuts!
Created: 17 Aug 18 3:02 AM
Images: 11 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 1182
Today was a double park day - Universal Studios in the morning, then IoA / Universal in the evening to see the light show. We started with breakfast in the room as usual, then stopped mid-morning to use some of our snack credits on a Big Pink and some popcorn, which we all shared... The donut was ace and as big as my head!
Beware The Snack Police - Day 4 - Dennys And Cheesecake Factory
Created: 15 Aug 18 2:11 AM
Images: 17 ~ Comments: 9 ~ Views: 1527
Today was a non-park day, so we all had a bit of a lie-in, then went out for breakfast to one of our favourite places - Denny’s. The same one on America Way, International Drive, which N and I went to on our first morning on our first trip to Florida together before we even got married, in 1999. We ate way too much, but it was as great as ever!
Beware The Snack Police - Day 3 - Volcano Bay And Toothsomes
Created: 14 Aug 18 1:30 PM
Images: 8 ~ Comments: 7 ~ Views: 1314
We had great fun at Volcano Bay this morning. Breakfast in the room as usual, then we went down to catch the shuttle bus from HRH about 7:45. This was full and we had to all squeeze on. Volcano Bay was great - some really original rides / slides and once we got our bearings it was quite easy to get around. We managed to get on a few rides while they were still ride now. ...
Beware The Snack Police - Day 2 - Blondies & Longhorn
Created: 13 Aug 18 8:05 PM
Images: 14 ~ Comments: 8 ~ Views: 1328
We went to Islands of Adventure today - with a brief walk through Universal Studios as that had Early Opening. We had the usual breakfast of cereals and fruit in the room then set off. We managed to do the Minions ride then caught the Hogwarts Express to IoA.
Beware The Snack Police - Universal Studios - Leaky Cauldron & Margaritaville
Created: 12 Aug 18 1:03 AM
Images: 20 ~ Comments: 9 ~ Views: 1590
It was a Universal Studios day today which seemed to involve a lot of eating! We had purchased 12 Universal meal plans several months ago as we wanted to be able to pay for some of the Universal costs before we arrived. Each meal plan gives you a quick service meal (with a drink), a snack and a drink. We paid €22.99 + tax for these - I think they are now $23.99 + ...
Beware The Snack Police - Travel Day
Created: 11 Aug 18 10:49 AM
Images: 17 ~ Comments: 14 ~ Views: 2090
Writing this from the Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando - we’ve arrived! Yesterday was travel day which started with breakfast at the Premier Inn - always a family favourite!
Beware The Snack Police - Pre Travel Day
Created: 9 Aug 18 10:13 PM
Images: 7 ~ Comments: 10 ~ Views: 1255
We are staying at The Premier Inn at Glasgow Airport and ate our tea at the Thyme restaurant here. There was a crash on the motorway not far from the airport which delayed our arrival so we were very grateful for the food when we finally got it! We had pre-ordered meal deals which gave us 2 adult meals (2 courses & drinks). I went for Piri-piri chicken wings to start -...
Beware The Snack Police - Single Digit Dance...
Created: 1 Aug 18 1:51 PM
Images: 6 ~ Comments: 11 ~ Views: 1459
I have already written a pre-trip report as I was intending to write a food report on our trip - however, I now think it me be simpler to use the app to post updates while we are away... So today we can do the single digit dance in our house! It has been a long time coming and in just 9 days time we will be flying from Glasgow to Sanford for the start of a 3 week trip. W...

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