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Glad you had a fine time overall.

Just to pick up on one point...the driving... I'm sure you're primarily referring to LA when you say you never felt confident in other drivers...I largely concur with that. As I have said previously, there is simply no lane discipline in LA - you will be under and over taken...and most often as not by drivers who will not use their indicators. All I can say is - you have to stay focused and look, left, right and left and right again before indicating and manouevering. They may not do things properly but you absolutely should. It lowers the risks hugely for you and that's really all you can do.
yeah, that just about sums it up.
I found myself driving a bit slower than I would have ideally liked to , because it was safer sticking to the more inside lanes , just because maniacs did what they felt like.
Undertaking seemed just as common as overtaking , which is really un-nerving.
I was the only one that ever used indicators , and very rare did I get any acknowledgement that the move I wanted to make was OK.
I witnessed one bump on the motorway , and it was amazing just what % of cars have dents and scrapes on them. It seems they just accept it as part of living in LA , and presumably wait until they have a "proper" crash before getting the damage mended
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