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WDW With A British Accent - Day 6 Seaworld & Treppan Edo At EPCOT

Seaworld Today followed by Dinner at Teppan Edo in EPCOT.

We arrived just after opening and headed straight for Manta.
Manta had a 15 minute wait.

After Manta we headed for Kraken, on the way we saw a couple of squirrels, they were helping themselves to everything in the Pushchairs. I didn't manage to get a photo but one of them was dragging a large chocolate chip cookie that was still in it's wrapper :-)

When the owners return they will find their pushchair somewhat lighter :-)

Arrived at Kraken, it was that quiet that I had to ask the attendant if it was running, she said yes, no wait.
We walked straight onto the ride. We rode it twice without getting off. We could have stayed on if we wanted as there was still no one waiting.

We went for a late breakfast at Seafire Inn
The breakfast platter was uninspiring, I did take a photo but even that came out blurred :-)

Thought we would try Antarctica Empire of those Penguin

15 minute wait

The first video waiting area

After meeting puck in the second waiting area we are seated in our ride vehicle.
You get to select either Mild or Wild versions of the ride, they are both the same ride except the wild version throws the seats around a bit. In my opinion the wild version is actually quite mild, calling it wild it stretching it quite a bit.

Eventually after a short ride with a few spins you pause in front of the Penguin enclosure before disembarking the ride vehicle.

When you leave the ride vehicle you go through an airlock to view the penguins. It is very cold in this area.

The penguins were being hand fed whilst we were there.

After this you go through another airlock where the temperature is warmer and you can watch the penguins underwater.

Next we went to see Shamu.

Next we went to view the sharks at Shark Encounter

After a well deserved ice cream we called it a day and left early as we have EPCOT this evening.

A couple of random photos taken as we left Seaworld .

Arrived at EPCOT and walking to Teppan Edo, we could see there were long lines at all of the festival food carts!

When we checked in they said they were behind schedule by about 15 minutes, we were hoping to have finished the meal before Illuminations but looks like we won't make it.

The dining rooms are off this corridor.

Our order being taken, we were sat with two other families.

We ordered the Wahu Ribs for the appetiser, it turns out we were the only ones to order an appetiser which is a downside to Teppan Edo style of dining as the others had to wait whilst we had our appertisers.

Our Chef preparing the onion volcano

Which then became a Mickey

Fillet Mignon with mushroom and onion noodles.

Green Tea Cheesecake

Teppan Edo is a unique experience but the food is just ok, there is nothing wrong with the food but there is nothing special about it either, in fact if it wasn't for the dipping sauces I would go as far to say it was quite bland.

I wouldn't recommend Teppan Edo for the food as there are much better places to dine, however it is a dining experience with a difference, so maybe worth it for that alone.

In our opinion though, there is much tastier food available elsewhere.

”Change the way you look at things & the things you look at change”
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