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Originally Posted by americangal View Post
Iíve got year 6 sats and GCSEs starting on Monday... Iím going to be in a lot of wine next week.

My eldest hasnít revised enough for GCSEs so Iíve decided heís old enough and come August he canít turn back time if it goes belly up. Although his mocks have come out ok with lack of revision. His only weak area is English and heís been having a tutor for a few weeks now so has no option but to keep doing practice papers

The youngest is a perfectionist and has already made himself ill doing all the practice sats, heís getting almost full marks in them so Iíve told him he can chill as he will do excellent and I wouldnít know if anyone that got all the questions right and that he will do amazingly anyway.

Roll on 14 June when itís all over
Bless you, you ARE entitled to a lot of wine! You're right, we can't make them study, they have to find their own motivation and way, they all get there eventually

Originally Posted by kathrynmc View Post
My daughter starts on Monday as she is doing RE. She had her Spanish speaking last week and was extremely pleased with the way it went.

She seems to be quite relaxed at the minute, things might change come Sunday night
Fingers crossed she manages to keep hold of that calm

Originally Posted by Twin mummy View Post
Iíve got twins doing exactly the same subjects so potential for lots of rivalry but luckily they are seeing it as an opportunity to have a built in revision buddy.
They are fairly calm but Iím panicking as art coursework and exam prep has taken up so much time. We blasted it over the weekend though so itís now all done, 10 hour art exam was last week so now to focus totally on other subjects.

They have 23 exams each starting next Monday and finishing on the 14th June.

Iím between jobs at the moment, though I am doing supply work and seem to have been nominated as revision organiser. Found lots of good resources and keep trying to keep them on track.
Iím doing lots of baking to provide snacks, stops me stressing too much!
Good luck to all the teens and parents, Iíll be so glad when itís over!
Amen to that, very much looking forward to it being over, the build up to this seems to have lasted forever! That's nice though them doing it all together

Originally Posted by clochette View Post
DD has French speaking tomorrow and has already done the performance parts of Music and Dance. She is not at all stressed, which I am pleased about in some respects as a lot of her friends (and their parents!) are putting themselves under unbearable pressure, but I do think a bit of adrenaline stress can help sometimes. She has done her revision and will do her best, which is all anybody can ask for. I will be glad when it is all over. She is my youngest, so I'll never have to go through it again.
This is the bottom line, it's such a shame there's so much build up to them, I don't remember any of this when I was doing - *ahem, old person alert* - my O levels!

Originally Posted by JLH View Post
My son has hardly done any either aside from after school and I am sick of nagging so now itís down to him . He did fairly well in mocks without revision so feels he will be fine which was the exact thing I didnít want to happen.
Some don't need to, many get through them with doing very little, they're all different though, fingers crossed he's one who just retains it all better and doesn't need to do too much.

Originally Posted by scottiedogz View Post
We discovered Mathsgenie website today and they do predicted papers for Maths - higher and foundation if it is of any use to anyone. My daughter is working through the revision guides on the website as well and found them very helpful.

Her reward for doing the best she can in these GCSEs is a trip to Miami on the 16th June
Nice incentive We're away also once they're over, should do them the world of good after all this build up.

Originally Posted by evergreen View Post
My poor DD had to sit one part of art on her own as she had a big Cricket match,

OP iím Fine thanks for asking lol DD is fine, little and often is our plan and ever extra lesson school offer
It's so horrible to watch them under so much pressure, people forget about us poor parents! Good luck to her and you x

Originally Posted by windsor_hills View Post
DD did her food and nutrition practical back in February, has Spanish speaking today, and the remaining 20 or so written exams start on Tuesday.

Best of luck to everyone in surviving the next month or so... itís going to be a long one. Best of luck too to all your children. See you at the other side 😁
We can keep each other grounded on here, the end is in sight!

Originally Posted by Magicsky View Post
DS had Maths yesterday and he has 18 more to go up until June 11th. We are in South Wales. Good luck to all of them sitting this Summer. He's focused on getting through it and heading 'home' mid July. I'm sure I didn't sit that many papers back in my day (1996! ).😀😀😀😀😘😘🐻🐻
Nowhere near, I'm sure I sat 7 O levels, we took 5 options, plus Maths & English! I don't really understand how they end up sitting so many!

Good luck to everyone, it's stressful watching your child under this kind of pressure and we just want the best for them, they'll all find their way regardless of the outcome of GCSEs, and if they go onto further education the GCSEs become irrelevant as each further one takes precedence on the CV! Not all kids are academic either which is absolutely no slur on their ability or intelligence, my son is very intelligent, but has absolutely zero interest in academia, he'd rather be moving around and his future plans (commercial diver in the Navy) reflect that, I'm actually really shocked at how much he's buckled down and studied in the run up to GCSEs. There's a place for everyone in this world.

Good luck all the parents also, we'll keep each other sane
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