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Itís Disney... but not as we know it! Pre-Trip Report (1)

Pre-Trip Report (2)

November 2019. Seems heck of a long time away, but DW and DD have decreed that we WILL visit WDW to see the Christmas decorations/lights.

Given that 2019 will be the first year that Alex has not been in full-time education, coupled with it being her 21st in the March, how could I refuse (without risk of serious injury!).

The idea was first floated around last Christmas, and after several months of debating and waiting to see if SSR would be available, the grim news that SSR would only be available for booking with free dining until September came through.

Having enjoyed SSR on a couple of occasions now, with itís proximity to Disney Springs, and in a one or two bed apartment, there could be no way we would return back to a hotel room. Added into the mix that Alexís BF would be coming with us really meant at least a one bedroom unit, and with the only alternative (within budget) being the Wilderness Lodge cabins (but QSDP only) that Joanne didnít particularly like, we looked at all possible options for staying on-site to get free dining.

Unfortunately, this meant two hotel rooms, with the cheapest option for our planned 11 nights being Coronado Springs at around £1,900 per room (still only QSDP). For two rooms, this would probably be as (or more) expensive than SSR, and we would probably still end up paying OOP for a couple of TS meals.

Sooooooo... after a period of deliberation, reflection etc etc, we finally decided to compromise on the Doubletree Suites in the Disney Springs area. We booked a one bed suite so that both couples can have a degree of privacy, and we also have kitchen facilities for breakfasts and the odd lunch or evening meal.

However, these hotels now give you some of the same benefits as staying on-site, with 60 day Fastpass booking along with access to EMH, and the free bus service to the four main parks so hopefully able to save on parking at Disney.

We also reckoned that the price difference between two rooms at CSR or a one-bed at SSR of around £2,500 would be more than enough to cover our meals, especially as we will probably have a few meals off-site (Olive Garden already pencilled in! ) and will be checking those restaurant offers nearer the time.

We did book through WDW together with our tickets, and I had it confirmed in writing that should SSR become available for booking during the course of this offer (unlikely as it may be) we could still upgrade - happy days!

We are also hoping to use VA Miles to get us over (and back) in PE, but given the announcement of a new company to manage Virgin miles, I suspect that the mileage for our flights may increase! Best get them booked asap to snag those seats - after all, as per the title of our last Florida Trip Report, economy and a studio just will not do!
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