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Originally Posted by TinkTatoo View Post
I've only just noticed this it's really useful thanks. One thing I did notice was that, when I put calendar entries in for the USA I have to set the time zone for them to Miami so that they will be at the right time when I'm in the USA. If I don't do that then something I've put down for 7pm will not alert me at 7pm. As an example I've got an entry in for something at 5:30pm when I'm in Florida and that is currently showing as 22:30 on my calendar but when I get to Florida and the phone changes to Eastern time it will show the time as 5:30pm

The ADR's are showing at 7pm but when the phone changed to Eastern time that will change to 2pm. I hope I've explained that correctly!
I have that problem as well Jakki.
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