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Originally Posted by Loopylooloo View Post
Aw that Finnicular! We had one time where it was glorious, and we spent hours up there, and another worse than yours, where we got up there and it just POURED and visibility was ZERO. We came straight back down too. That McDonalds is lovely isnt it!
Did you venture into any of the little back streets (Bryggen?)
Your dinner looks very good, shame you couldnt manage it all, hate to tell you they are not allowed to re-serve your petit fours, they would have gone into the bin anyway! Nice touch that they brought you a sorbet. Sounds like a really nice day other than the weather and the shoving!
Yes I had a good wander around Bergen after the funicular and thought it was very very pretty.

Damn it though, should have tried the mango sweets.

There must be sooo much food wasted. I tried to do my bit by not ordering courses I didn't think I could eat, but there was sooo much food..
Mitch xx
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