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Quebec City: Spring 2019 - Day 1 Travel Day

The day started very early. My alarm went off at 4 o'clock and I got up and had a shower before I woke up J. Thankfully we only live about 20 minutes from the airport. We left home at 4:30 AM and J dropped me at the airport at just before 5 AM.

Even this early in the morning, the airport was quite busy. My first flight was with Lufthansa. I had already checked-in the day before so I just had to do the baggage drop which was fairly quick. I just had the one suitcase. I don't know how much it weighed as the scales didn't seem to be working but I don't think it was too heavy. I also had a rucksack as my hand luggage looks like as I hate pulling around a wheelie case.

Once I had dropped off my suitcase, I went through security. At this time of the morning, it was quite empty and I was through within three or four minutes. As with most airports, I had to walk through the duty-free. I didn't even look at anything as there was nothing I really wanted and I didn't want to have to carry anymore than I already had.

New to my local airport is a Pret-a-Manger. This is the only one in the city. Unfortunately they didn't have the sandwich that I really like so I just got a cappuccino and a cinnamon danish.

Every time I have flown with Lufthansa to Frankfurt, the flight has always been through the passport control area. So even though the gate details were not up, I made my way through passport control. It was only when I was on the other side, that I realised that the flight was not going through here and I had to head back out which was a bit embarrassing. I soon found the gate and boarding open fairly quickly

On all three of my flights today, I was sitting next to the window.

The flight was about 15 minutes late taking off which was a bit of a concern as I only had one and a half hours to make my connection. It was lovely to see the sun come up.

They served a breakfast of a pain au raison. It was quite hideous. It was very dry and I only had one mouthful before deciding to abandon.

As usual, the plane was parked about a 15 minute bus ride from the terminal. This didn't help my connection anxiety.

However, once in the terminal I found the gate - B48 and started to make my way there.

It was quite a walk. I had to go down three flights of stairs then under quite a long tunnel and then up three flights of stairs to get to the B terminal. Of course, the gate was as far away as possible.

Once at the gate, I joined the queue to have my passport checked. Canada, like the USA, has an authorisation to travel document that you have to apply for online. I had recently re-done mine as I had a new passport. All was it order.

There were not that many options for food around the gate, so I just grabbed a felafel sandwich. It wasn't great but edible.

Boarding started roughly on time and I was one of the last to board. One advantage of only having a rucksack, is that usually you can get it into the overhead lockers. The flight was again very full.

The flight was on a Boeing 787.

As we took off, I got a really good view of Frankfurt.

Lunch was actually served fairly quickly. I had pre-ordered an Asian vegetarian meal as I generally fine these are better than the other offerings.

The starter was a salad with a herb dressing. The main course was a chickpea curry and a tofu curry together with some rice. It was actually quite spicy but tastier than the normal airplane food.

Dessert was a fruit salad.

While eating, I re-watched A Star is Born. I watch this on the way back from Argentina last month and decided I would like to watch it again. It's quite rare for me to watch a film twice but I really enjoyed it again.

Sometime after lunch, I needed to visit the toilet. As the air hostess still had the trolley out behind me, she indicated I should use the toilet in premium economy. It's the first time I've been in an airplane toilet that has a window. It was actually really nice to have some light in there and the room felt a bit bigger.

At least no one was looking in this height.

The flight seem to go on forever. I think the estimated flying time was about eight hours but it seemed a longer flight.

The windows were dimmed at this time, I guess so some people could get some sleep.

The air hostesses were quite good with coming around with water about every 30 to 45 minutes.

I did manage to have about an hours' nap. I also watched Pretty Woman. It was quite funny to see the big mobile telephones of that era.

The snack was a vegetarian wrap. Again it was quite spicy but not bad.

The flight landed at 11:50 AM local time. My connecting flight was at 1:20 PM.

I wish every airport had an immigration system like Montreal. The signs coming off the airplane with very clear as to where to go. I followed the signs for the connecting flights. For those people whose final destination was Montreal, the immigration hall was empty. For the connecting flights that were then two options - one to the USA the other to international and domestic destinations other than the USA. I followed the signs to the domestic connections. Here there was a row of machines which were very easy to use. I put my passport onto the reader, it found my name, it asked me some questions, took my photo and printed out the approval slip. I then had to quickly see the Immigration officer who confirmed one or two details. I didn't need to collect my luggage no go through security again. From leaving the plane to getting into the departures area for my next flight took less than 15 minutes.

I have travelled through Montreal airport quite a few times over the last few years so I knew there was a Tim Hortons there. I sent a photo of this to the kids who sent back text laughing at it!

I took the opportunity to grab some chocolate Timbits and a coffee. I'm not the biggest fan of Tim Hortons coffee but I felt I needed a caffeine kick to keep me going for the rest of the afternoon.

I didn't eat all of the chocolate Timbits!

The last leg of the flight was on a small propeller plane. Again I was next to the window, right in the back of the plane. The pilot announced that the flight would only take 25 minutes.

I was actually quite shocked to see that there was snow still on the ground as we came in to land at Quebec airport. I had been following the weather quite closely over the last few weeks, and there had been snow on the ground a few weeks ago. But I hadn't realized it was still there. I had decided not to bring my big winter coat so I was hoping that my layering system would be warm enough. If anything, I was more concerned about the rain than being cold.

From getting off the plane, picking up my suitcase and getting into a taxi took less than 15 minutes. Quebec has a fixed fee taxi fare from the airport to the centre of town. There are really no other options.

The taxi driver was a bit agitated about the traffic. But he got me here in one piece. It was $35 for the trip.

I am staying in an Airbnb. The owner had sent me instructions earlier in the week as to how to get in to the building and then the apartment. I got the keys out of the lock box easily enough. But then I couldn't get the front door opened. I reread the email and realized it was the code to put in.

Apartment is on the fourth floor of the back of the building so it is very quiet. It's a one bedroom apartment that has an awful lot of storage space. It's very clean and seems perfect.

By now I was flagging a bit. I unpacked and decided to head out to get some breakfast supplies and to decide what to eat for dinner. It was raining so I took the umbrella that I had put in the suitcase as a last minute decision this morning.

The area is certainly quite busy with lots of food shops, cafés and coffee shops. I also saw where the language school is. It's only about seven or eight minute from walk from the apartment.

I went into one of the local supermarket and got myself some supplies for breakfast including my favorite cinnamon bagels. As I expect to be awake quite early tomorrow morning, I thought it would be a good idea to have some supplies in so I can feed myself.

On the way back to the apartment from the supermarket, I saw a restaurant I had seen on trip advisor. It was called Nina's pizzeria. I decided I would head back out there to pick up a pizza to take away as it was only two minutes from the apartment.

I ordered a marina pizza together with a quinoa salad. I bought it back to the apartment and it was delicious. The pizza dough was really nice and the salad was tasty too.

By now, it was about 6:30 PM. I am finding it difficult to stay awake and I'm hoping to try at least to see it through to about 9 PM so that I have some hope of sleeping later than 2 or 3 AM tomorrow.

The weather forecast is not so good for tomorrow, in fact there are flood warnings in and around Montreal and Quebec at the moment. Whatever the weather, I'll manage to get out and explore.


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