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Originally Posted by Shooby doo View Post
All down to FX rate, you would need the to improve in between buying & upgrading alternatively it could worsen & you would pay more, buying your AP in advance just locks in the rate on that particular day tbh no advantage either way.
But who says you have to buy it early you can wait to whenever you decide is your time to buy and then decide. Same as buying UK tickets early it stops you taking advantage of other deals that may come along, but early buying protects people from Universal price rises (Personally I never buy early unless a good offer is on).

Yes the exchange rate does come into it and always needs to be taken into account, but the 1 would need to drop to $1 for the 2-park seasonal pass to lose the advantage at the moment If that happened the UK sellers would probably all reprice higher anyway and even worse the holiday would be a lot more expensive with the fall in the . Of course if the goes up, its even a nicer option.
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