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Day 7

So we missed sunrise! We all snoozed for way too long!
OH was up just after though and disappeared off for coffee and donuts from The Donut Experiment. Nice and healthy 😬

They were key lime, plain cinnamon sugar dusted and a bacon and sriracha for DS 🤢
They were still warm ☺️

Anyway. It was a gorgeous day so we headed for the beach.

Hereís OH hiding behind a tree.

Sadly the water wasnít still and turquoise as we know and love it to be but it was still a nice morning. I think there had been a lot of rain for about a fortnight prior to our arrival and the water was fairly rough for AMI

I positioned myself in between a
couple of turtle nests just in case something exciting happened 🐢

DS took being sun safe very seriously 😆 His 6,1 frame is squashed up under that towel 🤣

He was soon bored. He hates doing nothing so after a swim we wandered back along Pine Avenue and had a browse in the shops.
We all had an ice cream from Dips which is now at the General Store along with the sports memorabilia store that used to be next door in the old location.
DS bought a Tampa Bay Rays cap (spoiler alert, heís already lost it)
I thought this ice cream might appeal to some of us parents!

I neglected to take photos of what we actually had but mine was lemon meringue and was delicious!

After that we decided to head to Publix for spray suncream, more water and some lunch things.

I took a picture of that because it sounds absolutely revolting!

Also, I found these milk descriptions entertaining.

DS chose a sub from the deli with anything and everything in it.
He keeps getting carried away when there are unlimited options as we all find out later...

OH had something a bit lighter! Also from the deli

I hate reformed meat so sandwiches here are a nightmare for me.
I settled on an entire rotisserie chicken just so I could just put some in a roll. The others picked at the rest of it.

We also picked up a slice of lime and coconut cake from Hometown Desserts.
Iím not a fan of cakes over here but this was actually very nice.
Moist, no manky smell of shortening and it had a whipped cream topping with toasted coconut rather than frosting.
I forgot the photo but itís definitley worth checking out.
I have no idea what we did after this?
Laundry perhaps.
Anyway that evening we headed to The Waterfront.
We much prefer the food here to the Sandbar.
We went to the Sandbar first to watch the sunset then headed to the other end of the street for dinner!

Photos are awful but itíll give an idea!
Drinks were a beer for OH, virgin mojito for DS and a Prosecco for me

Bread came quickly and was pretty much devoured by the dustbin of the family 🙄

I didnít try it but apparently it was nice and the oil and vineagar were good.

Appetisers were as follows

DS - calamari
OH - home smoked salmon
Me - candied walnut, beetroot and pear salad

Now we did eat quite late and I think the chef must have decided to just give DS all the calamari he had left for the day 🤣 Waste not, want not!

He ate it all

Mains were



Chili-rubbed whole pork tenderloin chargrilled with a gingered apricot orange glaze, then sliced and served with tonightís potato.


Chicken Parmesan

Grouper Piccata with linguine.

The food was all excellent. We really rate this place. The food is so much better than at The Sandbar.

Desserts were declined and we sat enjoying the sound of the crickets while we finished up our drinks.
DS suddenly announced that he felt sick and was.
He made it to the loo in time and vowed not to over-eat again.
I was so embarrassed.
The server was so kind and brought him a ginger beer.

We wandered back and then DS realised heíd left his cap so we both ran back down the road to grab it before they closed up.
He was now on top form and I couldnít keep up!
With the cap back in his possession we walked back again to find an intruder 😻

A lovely, friendly kitty!
It stayed a while then disappeared into the night.
Weíre off to Orlando tomorrow and very excited to meet up with some friends and hit Volcano Bay for the first time 😊

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