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Pre-trip report: 'what do you MEAN you don't like Frozen?' (AUGUST 2015)

First of all hi, I'm from the kids forums but this is the designated area for trip reports and it lets me post, which is a first, so here goes a trip report I'll get two days into and forget about! This trip will be my seventh and the first time I've been since 2013. I was meant to go Christmas 2014 but we cancelled our trip, but it allowed us to go this year for a few days longer than we usually would. I imagine Disney has changed a lot since 2013, B.F.A.M.B (before frozen and magic bands) and I'm really excited to go back !

M Y S E L F - Probably the coolest out of the crew. I like Baymax. My favourite Disney movies are Big Hero 6, Tangled, and the marvel films (currently avengers: age of ultron for me aha). My favourite rides/attractions in Disney world are splash mountain and fantasmic ! My favourite park is Epcot. I'm pretty much there for shopping (oops). Also I like stuffed animals and it makes my parents cry.
M U M M Y K I N S - she gave birth to me. she does dining reports here and her username is moleymole! Her favourite character is Thumper and Bean (from the muppets) and I think her favourite ride is splash mountain too.
D A D D Y K I N S - he has a crush on princess jasmine. his favourite character is jasmine and his favourite ride/attraction is the queue to see jasmine.
J O S E P H T H E B R O S E P H - the least cool of the squad. I don't know why he's here, but he likes baymax and duffy bear and his favourite ride is big thunder mountain.

☞ We are staying at old key west for two weeks, hard rock hotel for 3 nights and anna maria inn for 2 days. We are on the ddp.
☞ We are flying with air lingus (if that's how you even spell it? Help me out, Ireland)
☞ We are overall staying for three weeks and the parks we will visit are all 4 disney parks as well as the two water parks, and both universal studios parks.


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