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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
Oh no, I was so sure that the title was just a tease. I do hope it isn’t so.

I completely understand about the house needing some TLC though. We have been in ours for less than 2 years but we already have a few niggly things that we should really sort but I turn a blind eye to so I can plough all our money into Disney. I can only imagine how long the list will be as the years go by.

I actually exclaimed ‘NO!?’ when I scrolled down and saw the Yacht Club starring back at me. I am thrilled for you that you will be back at Stormalong Bay, I know how much you loved your stay at the Beach Club and it is wonderful that you can live the dream for a second time. It’s fabulous that you’re getting to sample a different Deluxe this time too.

The Magic Band fiasco has been such an embarrassment. I am as sceptical as you that your fourth band will waiting for you at check-in. Thankfully your boys are old enough to be patient with such ‘mix ups’ but for a smaller child it could be a big deal.

I am sure I'll check in with you before you leave but if not, have a wonderful time, I feel genuinely emotional for you that it may be the last one, but I know you'll savour every moment.

What a fab understanding of so much!
Not a tease - I will assure you

But a wonderful way to end it.

Lots more to read and to share in upcoming days and I have to admit there will be less rants than usual Yacht Club did us proud
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Hope you are a Listener

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