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A few minutes later we arrived at the Cheyenne, and even in the rain we were struck once again by how amazing the theming is at this place. Right from the beginning you are completely immersed in a town in the old Wild West – albeit one with a Starbucks and a launderette!

For once, there was barely a queue at reception, and we were soon checked in and given our Magic Passes. It was the first time we’ve visited since they introduced these. They function as room keys, park tickets and meal vouchers, and you can also use them to charge to the room if you wish. We decided not to bother doing that this time, as we had our Clarity card as well as some cash.

As you may remember, we had managed to get a room near the main building for no extra money. Normally I don’t really mind whether we are near the main building or not, as it’s only really a difference of a few minutes’ walk. However, since we had to run through the still pounding rain, we were grateful that our room was in Wyatt Earp, right next to the main building. We were upstairs in room 1875. It’s worth noting that there are no lifts at the Cheyenne, but even with a suitcase, one flight of stairs wasn’t a problem for us.

The last time we stayed at the Cheyenne was in 2011 when we shared adjoining rooms with our friends and their four children, back in the days when the Cheyenne had bunk beds. This was our first experience since the Cheyenne’s major refurb, and we were pleasantly surprised at what we found. Although there is no mistaking that the Cheyenne is a value hotel, there is such attention to detail in things like the fake wood panelling in the bathroom, the frieze around the ceiling featuring Woody and friends, and the curtains which echo Woody’s outfit. The cowboy boot lamp is still there, although the mirror is now a simpler horseshoe design, and the previous more ornate mirror has been moved to the hallway.

All in all we were really pleased with the room. It was a good size for the two of us, with plenty of hanging space and storage space, and even a UK socket as well as some USB charging points. We’d read some comments about hard beds, and while it’s true they were firm, they were perfectly comfortable and we didn’t have any issues with them. It was a cosy and welcoming room and we thought they had done a great job with the refurb.

By now it was 8.45 and our stomachs were reminding us that the lovely lunch in the Betjeman Arms was a long, long time ago. So we nipped over to the main building for dinner at the Chuck Wagon. Our last experience of this had not been pleasant. After a long day with tired feet and frazzled nerves, we had found it just too noisy and busy to be comfortable. So it was good to see that DLP had taken a few steps to dampen down the noise. For a start, there were tables themed as covered wagons, which helped to lessen the echoes from the room. The tables also seemed more spaced out than previously. And most importantly, you were now shown to a table before you went to get food, which did away with that awful moment when you stood with a full tray of hot food, searching in vain for somewhere to sit that wasn’t full of over-excited toddlers running around.

This was a much more civilised set up. And the range of food seemed to have increased too. As well as the expected staples such as barbecued meats, pizza, chilli and so on, there were various salads, a wok station cooking noodle dishes fresh to order (which is something I’ve never seen in a Western, but you never know…) and also, this being France, a good variety of cheeses and desserts. True, it wasn’t the quietest meal, but we found we were more than happy with our experience.

We briefly considered a relaxing drink at the Red Garter saloon, but it was packed out and extremely noisy, so instead we popped back to reception to ask for our kettle. Gone are the days when you had to pay a deposit for this, and now they bring you one on request – if it hasn’t been left there already after the previous occupant. I do think they could do with putting in kettles as standard, but I know that it’s rare in much of Europe and the early morning cuppa is very much a British expectation. Anyway, we went back to our room, and just a few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and voila – one kettle. So we settled down to make a bedtime drink. We discovered that the box of Kenco 2 in 1 sachets we brought only had 5 sachets, so decided to share one between us for tonight, and it wasn’t long before we hit the hay and drifted off to dreamland.

Join us tomorrow, where we try to cram in as much of Disneyland Park as we can before the weekend crowds arrive!

>>Day 2 - The Good, The Bad And The Wurst

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