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Iíve really enjoyed reading along with your trip. Iím pleased Brooklyn improved NY for you on the last day! I surprised myself by really loving New York, I had no real inclination to visit but had such a great time. Reading your experience made me appreciate how lucky we were to go with family who had been before as I could imagine being really frustrated and annoyed with the place-Iím pretty sure we would have had a nightmare with all the trains and subway too. We went in October and it was hot in the stations I remember thinking it would be unbearable in the summer, I also said I couldnít imagine wanting to walk around the streets much with the smell of all the rubbish!
How great to explore so many other places, I love that you ate your first lobster in Maine. I would love to go on a road trip when my kids are older-I was thinking about a trip around New England but Iím not sure I could survive the whinging from them during the car journeys! Thanks for sharing your trip, Iím going read some of your other reports for further inspiration.
Thanks for reading along, Iím really glad you enjoyed it. I love other peopleís trip reports and find them really helpful.

Our kids are pretty good with road trips - theyíve been well trained from an early age as family were a 3 hour drive away. Iím sure yours would be fine and I can definitely recommend New England.

Glad you had fun in New York - having family who know the place is a real advantage.
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