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Just before Christmas is lovely and festive, without being too busy. We went 19-24th December, getting home at around 10pm on Christmas Eve, and it was the perfect start to Christmas. My girls met Santa there, and we saw all the Christmas shows, etc. It was absolutely magical and we’re planning to do pretty much exactly the same holiday in 2020 or 2021, after a summer 2020 WDW holiday. I don’t think we’ll get such a good deal next time though - they had our arrival day as super-value, as only a few schools had broken up, so we got 5 days in the DLH for £1200. Don’t think we’ll ever get that price again!

We were lucky / unlucky with the weather. It was 10 degrees every day, warm enough not to need coats in the day... except when it rained, which was also every day! Just light showers, but enough to soak you if you stayed out in it long enough. Having said that, the night we stayed until 10pm to see the fireworks, it was actually dry, and still mild enough for me to give the girls my coat to sit on.
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