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DLP & Villages Nature @ May Half Term and a series of random questions

Hi all

We're off soon on our little trip, four days at the parks before moving over to Villages nature. I had a couple of questions, some I'm not sure there will be an answer but I can try...

1) fuel - I'm sure I read before that if filling up at Val d'Europe you could only use one of the levels because the pumps don't accept UK credit cards. I couldn't find the info. again, does anyone know as we will probably pop over here to get some food shopping before Villages Nature

2) Ascension day - so our original plan was doing the parks only coming home on the Tuesday, but we extended for Villages Nature. I realise Ascension day is Thursday and the French make it into a long weekend... I'm hoping as such parks will be quieter the weekend before while we're there (fingers crossed). Does anyone have experience of Villages Nature over this weekend?

3) related to the above, I can book some of the activities now, but would really like to get a feel for how much of the inclusive bits we want to do, swimming, biking, etc. Any experiences of whether or not early booking is advised?

4) Last one... when I first booked, I played about on the app and there was a guided run activity, free. The available activities have changed a lot over the last few weeks, but the run never reappeared. It still shows on their general website so I assume they still do it, but does anyone have any info on what it involves, where they meet etc?
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