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Stopped there last April - have booked to go back next May!

Making this simple:

Rooms are fantastic - the best moderate rooms from what I've seen so far.
Resort is beautiful, especially with the lake.
Bus service was really reliable last time I visited, plus there are 4 stops so not like you are in one massive line at the stop or having to walk for ages to get to it.
Pool is great, lots of space, lots of sunbeds.
New lake bar will be a fantastic addition and the bridges will cut down walking distances.
Relatively close to all parks. Bus journeys only ever took 12-15 mins tops for Magic Kingdom and we're 5-6 minutes for everywhere else.
Theme/feel is fantastic, and not as in your face Disney like a Pop or a AoA for example. I find it a little more adult.

Resort is HUGE - If you're towards the back it's easily a good 10 minute walk/half a mile to the front. Should be made easier with the bridges however.
All the dining is at the front of the resort (other than the pool bar which is central but doesn't have a great selection). But means if you want to fill your resort mug at 9pm at night it could be a bit of a walk to the front...
Coranado has a huge convention centre. Although it didn't effect us too much last time I have heard stories of the food court being busy at time.

Things to consider:

With the new tower building, the increase in rooms will no doubt have an impact on the amenities. No-one knows how yet with the Tower not opening until July but it will be interesting.

Overall - We had a fantastic time, and after careful consideration of whether to book CBR or pay slightly more at POFW, we decided that we really enjoyed Coronado and would definitely recommend it.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other q's or want me to expand!
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