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Cannot make my mind up- need inspiration

My 7 month window for my Xmas trip is here tomorrow.

I am doing a split stay- first bit 20-26 Dec, second section 26-31.

I don't want to stay at SSR until the refurb is done, and it's looking like there is no chance of that- otherwise, my choice would have been easy and I would have done the second slot there.

First bit I am doing Riviera I think, as a) It is available in the busiest time I have ever seen at Xmas (Star Wars, must be), and b) Whilst I don't like the location, the rooms look impressive, I am keen to stay just after it has opened 4 days before, and I want to try the Skyliner. I will report back on it when there.

It is the second bit I am struggling with. I like OKW and the proximity to DS and the extra bed in the 1 bed (girl and boy children so better). Also the new refurb.

But something is calling me to Boulder Ridge as it is Xmas. But no extra bed, and I am somewhat put off by the slight scruffiness of the rooms (refurb 2 years I think) as highlighted on Pete Werner on Dis recent Youtube video where he goes with his mother.

Also OKW is fewer points (by a bit).

Can anyone inspire me to come to a decision? I have another 6 days to make a decision on the second bit.

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