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Plan for the first week- tear it apart!

So much upheaval and with less than 2 weeks to go, I am only now able to formulate any plans.
FP 60 days and other perks are out the window.

Party of 5. Kids range from 13 to 7.

Please critique my plan.

Day 1: Sunday: Travel day. Arrive into MCO approx. 16.20. Immigration, collect car, buy sundries, check in to Wyndham LBV and then walk to DS for dinner. Is it unrealistic to expect to be eating dinner by 20.00 and in bed by 21.30?

Day 2: Monday: Boat to POFQ for beignets, pottering around DS, swim in pool, dinner at DS (Blaze or Dluxe)

Day 3: Tuesday: Character breakfast in Wyndham. Pool. Check out and check in to POP. Explore resort, pool etc.

Day 4: Wednesday: I bring car over to AoA and walk back, get up horrendously early and on bus by 07.30 to MK

Plan for MK:
Guest Services for DAS (is it open before opening ceremony? )
Opening ceremony
Get return time for Mine Train
Peter Pan (Fast Pass)
Haunted Mansion
BTMR and SM (FP x 2)
Hopefully we will have a return time for 7DMT or we'll skip it as he will no way queue for hours where he can't move about much.
Chill out time then- maybe Sorcerers or Tom Sawyer for a runabout.
Lunch at Plaza
Parade at 3pm.
3.30: Mickey M&G (if can get FP or return time)
4pm People Mover.
4.30: Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear (with FP if available- I am hoping to be able to pick up these additional FP throughout the day- is that unrealistic?)
Then any additional FP / low queue time rides/ Casey's splash zone etc
8pm: Sleepy Hollow for a snack
9pm: Fireworks and show
10.00 onwards: any other available FP til park close at 01.00 a.m. (it's EMH evening)

Will the park be busier than usual due to evening EMH?
Also, and I realise it's subjective, but is a full day 7.30 - 1 a.m. even as a one off, totally unrealistic? The days before and after are all chill out days to try and mitigate against any issues, but I may skip out some of the afternoon if required if DS needs a nap as he gets even more prone to meltdowns when he is tired (in fairness, no one is at their best when tired)

Day 5:Thursday: Chill out at AoA, drawing classes, pool. Check in to villa in the p.m.

Day 6+:
Friday onwards: No plans as yet.

It that an insane amount of moving around? We will only have hand luggage, and the plan is to leave all bar one case in the car- we are bringing very little in the way of clothes... but I feel like we may not feel like we have "arrived" til we get to the villa if we are Nomading around WDW like that... however the thinking was to do a cheap do-over of what was initially meant to be an onsite week at the start of our trip (which had to be substantially curtailed for various reasons explained on other threads).

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